Mexico City the first Latin American LGBT Friendly City

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Venue : , Mexico City, Mexico
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Mexico City, November 21st - Celebration of declaration to convert Mexico City in the first Latin American "LGBT Friendly City".

Celebration of declaration to convert Mexico City in the firstLatin American "LGBT Friendly City"

Mexico City, November 21-22

The celebrations of the declaration, will be preceded by a day of cultural activities aimed at promoting the recognition of sexual diversity, Nov. 21st, and a collective marriage between same sex, as well as delivering acts of recognition of gender identity on November 22nd.

President of COPRED explains that he did recommend to change the term "Capital Friendly" announced by the Governor of DF, to "Friendly City LGBTTTI" to be more inclusive with all the sexual diversity and also to cover the purpose of promoting tourism, public and development policies.

Mexioc Surrogacy Foundation, participates actively, offering their services altruistically to thousands of attendees for the event.

Currently in Mexico City has not regulated the practice of gestational surrogacy, but we will give as an association the first steps and at some point this will be a reality.

If you visit us at the stand of the event, we can give you more information on running a process of gestation for legal substitution in Mexico City.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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