Webinar on Stem Cell Treatments, How is it done?

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Join a 25 min seminar and learn How a stem cell treatment is done?

PROGENCELL offers stem cell therapies with effective results. Many years of research and experience have resulted in substantial improvements in the health and conditions of patients with various diseases, even where other treatments have failed.

With the highest quality therapies, Progencell uses stem cells directly from the patient (autologous adult stem cells) in order to improve their health. The patient’s medical condition creates the appropriate environment in the body, resulting in a personalized therapy created specially for him.

We offer patients with certain degenerative diseases an opportunity to improve their health through cellular therapy, correcting their medical conditions from the source by regenerating the tissues and organs that are causing the ailments. Since we use stem cells from the patient, this therapy has no risk of tissue rejection, and minimal secondary effects.

Our Webinar

Join a 25 min seminar and learn How a stem cell treatment is done? and how can it help to your medical condition?. You will learn in a friendly, non-medical terminology what are stem cells? types of therapies? how does the cell regenerate organs or tissue? how is a treatment done?, and much more. Then stay for a live QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS session.

Why to attend?
Any person with a chronic degenerative disease, should attend this webinar because it provides a different treatment option than conventional medicine. Conventional medication helps to control the condition but does not offer a solution in the long run.

Just ask your doctor!

  • How long are you going to be with the medication?
  • What side effects will it have on other organs?

You will get dissapointed to know that you are not getting cured, you are controled while other organs are affected. Stem cell therapy can really benefit you by regeneration of the damaged tissue, preventing further complications and diminishing your current medication. There are cases where the improvements are very good that patients have come out from an organ transplant list.

You should attend because

  • you will be learning your options of treatments available today with stem cell therapy.
  • Its free and this information could change your life.
  • You should attend to learn about the facts and not be guessing what is the stem cell debate.
  • You will have access to the answers your questions about current stem cell therapies.
  • You can get an appointment with a personal patient manager to evaluate your case (free, without committment).
  • You will understand the types of stem cells, and why some of them are not legal or dangerous.
  • You can compare your current treatment progress with other complementary alternatives to progress even better. (to boost your health)
  • You can learn if it is too late or too soon to start treatment.

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