10 Different Ways to Acquire International Patients for Your Medical Center

Are you considering attracting international patients for your medical practice? There are various ways to get more patients into your clinic, but knowing exactly what to do can be daunting. This is why we provide you with the top 10 ways to acquire international patients for your medical center. 

Patients seek transparency and reliability, which you can showcase if you follow our proven marketing tips to gain new patients. PlacidWay’s medical tourism platform could help you find customers worldwide. A bit of marketing and compelling educational information can do a miracle and you will see the results quickly.

Let’s explore how you can market your center in 10 different ways.

1. Experiences - Become part of unique experiences people are seeking. 

Knowing what your patient needs is not that simple. But showing your patient different options, he can choose from can be helpful. With PlacidWay’s Experience pages, a patient can find you and know what you offer. 

They will see your center listed on our Experience page for the treatments you provide. Medical packages, doctor’s profiles, your past patient reviews, and prices are also listed here. Therefore, a patient will have a transparent view of your medical practice and thus make an easier decision to choose you over others.

2. Center Profile - Showcase your practice among the best. 

On our PlacidWay platform, there are 1000s of top centers. How can your practice stand out from the crowd? By following our marketing tactics to present your clinic in the best way possible, a patient can make an informed decision to pick you instead of your competition. 

You will provide information like 

  • Who you are and why you are different from others,
  • What procedures do you perform and their treatment prices, 
  • Doctors who work in your clinic and why the best option,
  • Former patient reviews, testimonials, and before/after images,
  • Videos of patient testimonials, your interviews, facilities tours,
  • Establish WHY you are the best center.

Remember you can control what your targeted customer sees as you know what is best for your center.

3. Treatment Prices - Present your competitive cost advantage. 

The first thing patients want to know about your medical center is the prices. With expensive treatments in countries like the USA, Canada, and the UK, and most people being uninsured, they are considering a medical trip to another destination. 

This is where you can help them see what treatments you offer and at what cost. Of course, the price must meet the good value you provide along with it. And it should be an average price estimate. 

You will have an advantage over your competition because, you have to admit, we all want to know the cost of something before buying it. And we would rather contact someone with a price list than someone else who doesn’t provide one. It is all about convenience.

4. All-Inclusive Packages - No hidden cost packages. 

Medical tourists traveling to another country for affordable treatment want a hassle-free trip. We ensure a safe and comfortable trip with the all-inclusive packages you offer as a medical provider. 

The transparent price of a medical package usually includes:

  • Treatment/surgery,
  • All medical fees,
  • All doctor fees,
  • Airport/clinic/hotel pick-up and drop-off,
  • Bilingual assistance,
  • A 1–3-night stay in the clinic/hospital (if needed).
  • Any exclusions which are not included

Package inclusions and exclusions can vary from clinic to clinic. So, you may provide different services that your patient wants, creating a package to suit their needs. 

However, you will have more chance that a patient will select you over another clinic because you offer more benefits for an affordable price with these packages.

5. Doctors Profile - Present your credentials and impressive resume. 

You are a member of a world-recognized organization, attend regular training abroad, or have graduated from a prestigious local or international school. Why not show these to your patients? 

They want to know who you are, and if you have some unique skills and experience, don't be afraid to show that. It will make you more reputable than other doctors who don’t provide this information for whatever reason.

6. Before and After Pictures - Show your before and after work. 

Share with new patients your former patient pictures of before and after the surgery or procedure. It is always an excellent marketing tactic that patients are looking for. Or case studies of how you helped a customer. 

They want to know what to expect by coming to your clinic and what you provide from others’ experiences.

7. Reviews and Testimonials - Present your satisfied customer feedback. 

As for before/after pictures, the same can be said for reviews and testimonials. If your past patients want to share their stories of how you helped them change how they look and feel, it will be an excellent approach to new patients. 

Of course, each person is unique and what is suitable for one may not be for other. But, overall, we are all searching for reviews before deciding to buy the product or visit a dentist. 

8. Videos - Visually impress your customer. 

These days more people prefer watching short videos instead of reading content. Help your customers using  engaging videos on some of the following topics: 

  • The surgery/procedure process
  • Doctor interview
  • Patient testimonials
  • Package offers
  • How-to videos
  • Clinic Videos

And more. If you have an idea but are unsure how to present it, or you don’t have an idea but are interested in having a video, we can help.

9. Case Studies & Articles - Tell your customer story and your innovations. 

Engaging content is one of the best ways to attract new patients. If you’re offering some unique services, have some news to share about your clinic or treatments, and share that with your existing and new patients. 

Educating your patients is another good marketing advantage you can have over your competition. The patient wants to know about the treatment he needs, but if the information is lacking on your website, he may leave. 

That’s why PlacidWay platform provides a dedicated section for  valuable articles a patient can relate to and thus be able to make a better choice. A great article must also be optimized so Google can index it and the patient can find you easily based on his search intent.

10. Questions & Answers - Answer questions that customers are asking. 

Patients are seeking answers. You have the knowledge to answer their questions. But you may not have time to write. The PlacidWay content team will help you present your solutions to frequently asked questions. 

FAQs should be written so an international patient understands and finds what he’s looking for. For example, if a patient asks questions like are dental implants painful or is breast augmentation permanent, you should be able to answer those. Of course, answers must be honest without embellishment because a patient wants truth after all.

Start Attracting New Patients with PlacidWay Digital Marketing Solutions!

The 10 medical practice marketing ideas we have listed here can help you keep your existing patients, attract new patients, and encourage them to choose your practice instead of your competitors. 

PlacidWay will help you gain more patients by implementing these ideas. Contact us today to improve your medical practice and patient experience!