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Fertility Tourism Package

Package price starting from: $17500
Treatment: Fertility Treatment
Associated Center: Fertilam Fertility Clinic
Calle Tetelo Vargas 26, Torre Profesional Corazones Unidos, Suite 1001, Naco, Dominican Republic
Focus Area: 1. In vitro fertilization (IVF) | Dominican Republic 2. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) | Dominican Republic 3. Gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT) | Dominican Republic 4. Zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT) | Dominican Republic 5. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) | Dominican Republic 6. Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) | Dominican Republic 7. Egg freezing | Dominican Republic 8. Sperm freezing | Dominican Republic 9. Embryo freezing | Dominican Republic 10. Donor egg IVF | Dominican Republic 11. Donor sperm IUI | Dominican Republic 12. Surrogacy | Dominican Republic 13. Fertil

Discover Fertility Paradise in the DR

What Does the Fertility Package Include? Procedure and Medications

Our package includes the cost of the procedure, medications, all consultations, and ultrasounds during the process. Accommodation and Transportation We offer a boutique apartment for your stay and round-trip transportation to the airport and our center. Relax and Enjoy in the Dominican Republic Understanding that relaxation and a clear mind aid in better procedure development, we include complementary activities for your enjoyment during your stay.

Procedure and Medications

At Fertilam, we aim to offer a complete package that includes everything you need for your procedure:

This includes:

  • In Vitro Fertilization or ICSI procedure
  • All consultations with the specialist
  • All medications up to follicular aspiration
  • All required ultrasounds
  • Nutrition Guide during the procedure

2022 - 2023 Success Rate of 65% in IVF and ICSI procedures.

Accommodation and Transportation

We provide a boutique apartment for two, located in a central and strategic area, thanks to our partnership with Yellow Key, experts in short-stay accommodations. Similarly, we provide a vehicle for transportation to and from the airport and all required visits to our center.

Relax and Enjoy in the Dominican Republic Stay at Casa de Campo

As part of the experience, we invite you to stay for 3 days and 2 nights at the luxurious Casa de Campo Hotel & Resort. During your stay, you can enjoy all the amenities offered by the hotel, from its beautiful Minitas Beach to the varied culinary experience at its majestic Marina.


All this is included in our package designed for you and your partner. Just Relax! Because you deserve it, at Fertilam, we want to offer you and your partner a day of total relaxation where you can enjoy together and simply enjoy a soothing relaxation massage. We recommend doing this massage 2 days before your follicular aspiration to arrive as relaxed as possible on this day.

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