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BNH Hospital | Cosmetic Surgery Thailand Treatment Cost in Bangkok Thailand

9/1, Convent Road, Silom, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Price Range: $632 - 11178
Specialty: Cancer Treatment, Chronic Diseases, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, ENT, Eye/Lasik Care, General Surgery, Heart Care/Surgery, Neurology, Orthopedic/Knee Surgery, Pediatric Treatment, Rehabilitation

About BNH Hospital | Cosmetic Surgery Thailand

The BNH hospital. The BNH hospital, formerly known as the Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital, was established originally to provide nursing care for expatriates. The hospital, opened by the British Ambassador to Thailand, Mr. George Grenville, CMG in 1898, was one of the first private hospitals in the Kingdom of Siam. In 1901, King Rama VI granted the BNH Association, a non-profit making organisation, a royal charter in honour of his father, King Rama V, and provided funds for the hospital to extend its care to Thais. In 1991, the BNH Medical Centre was formed to establish a new international standard hospital to meet the demands of the increasing domestic and international market for private health care. The new BNH Hospital complex became operational in 1996. Occupying the same two-acre site in Convent Road, it is surrounded by mature trees and tropical greenery, and is located between Silom Road and Sathorn Road, close to the business, financial and entertainment district

BNH Hospital | Cosmetic Surgery Thailand Pricings:

Spine Care | Surgery Procedure Details Price in USD
Breast Augmentation 97,000 BHT $3098
Breast Reduction Breast Reduction: 150,000 BHT Nipple Reduction (2 sides): 22,000 BHT Areolar Reduction (2 sides): 30,000 BHT $4790
Breast Lift Breast Lift:150,000 BHT Breast Lift with Implants : 200,000 BHT Breast Implants Replacement: 130,000 BHT $4790
Abdominoplasty 120,000 BHT to 150,000 BHT $3832
Face Lift Forehead Lift : 66,000 BHT Midface Lift : 107,800 BHT Neck Lift : 66,000 BHT $3443
Eyelid Surgery Lower Blepharoplasty : 19,800 BHT Upper Blepharoplasty : 19,800 BHT $632
Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty Alarplasty : 16,500 BHT Reduction Rhinoplasty : 150,000 BHT Augmentation Rhinoplasty : 20,000 BHT Augmentation Rhinoplasty and Alarplasty : 36,000 BHT $4790
Ear Surgery Prominent Ear Correction (1 side) : 27,000 BHT Prominent Ear Correction (both sides) : 50,000 BHT $1596
Cheek Surgery Dimple Creation (1 side) : 16,500 BHT Dimple Creation (both sides) : 24,000 BHT Cheek Implants : 49,000 BHT $1565
Arm Lift Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) : 90,000 BHT $2874
Thigh Lift Thigh Lift : 140,000 BHT $4471
Sex Change Operation Gender Reassignment Procedures From Male to Female $11178


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