Nova Clinic Fertility Center

Nova Clinic Fertility Center

Moscow, Russia

20 Lobachevsky Street

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Nova Clinic Fertility Center

    Welcome to NOVA Clinic       NOVA Clinic | ISO 9001 Certified Clinic Nova Clinic is a medical center specialized in the treatment of infertility employing the most modern methods of reproductive technologies.   Since the beginning of our operations, patients around the world have been impressed with the quality of our medical care and customized approach to individual patients' needs. We take care of each and every client from the moment they walk into our clinic until the day they happily walk out carrying a healthy baby. Members of our highly skilled staff (managers, lawyers, doctors, etc.) offer numerous oocyte donor and surrogacy programs. Our IVF Clinic combines highly qualified professionals from the field of reproduction technologies and general gynecology, including: reproduction gynecologists, embryologists, urologists, andrologists, geneticists, endocrinologists. Most of our medical staff deployed Read More

Nova Clinic Fertility Center Pricings:

Infertility | IVF Procedure Details Price in USD
Surrogacy Surrogacy IVF/ICSI with own eggs/embryo: $55,300 / Surrogacy IVF/ICSI + Egg donor: usd$65,000 /Surrogacy IVF/ICSI + Egg donor/PGD + unlimited embryo transfer until pregnancy is achieved: $85,100 $55300
IVF with Egg Donation IVF with Egg Donation $6728
Embryo Donation Embryo Donation $3876
IVF with Sperm Donation IVF with Sperm Donation $3921
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