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Prostate Cancer Center Treatment Cost in Frankfurt Germany

Strahlenberger Straße 110 63067 , Frankfurt, Germany
Price Range: $1379 - 1379
Specialty: Cancer Treatment

About Prostate Cancer Center

  Specialty Prostate Cancer Center       The Prostate-Center is part of the Prof. Dr. Stehling Institute for Diagostic Imaging. It was founded in 2010 by Prof. Michael K. Stehling. At the Prostate-Center physicians, scientists and engineers collaborate closely. cancer One goal is the further development of minimally-invasive diagnostic techniques and therapies for diseases of the prostate and to make them available for the treatment of patients. Prostate cancer (PCa) constitutes one of the greatest challenges in medical care of men. With 25 % of all cancers, prostate cancer is the most frequent malignant tumour in men and responsible for 10 % of all deaths. Currently established treatment methods for prostate cancer are invasive an in many cases impair the quality of life of the afflicted men through impotence and incontinence. At the same time, many prostate cancers do not have to be treated at all, because they remain confine

Prostate Cancer Center Pricings:

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Prostate Cancer Prostate Cancer $1379


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