Affordable Dental Work Prices in Quezon City Philippines at St. Clare Dental Laser Center

St. Clare Dental Laser Center

St. Clare Dental Laser Center

Quezon City, Philippines

Rm 216 Caly Bldg, 986 Aurora Blvd, Project 4, Quezon City, Philippines Quezon City Manila

Cheap Cost for Full Mouth Dentures, Crowns, Root Canal, Implants in Quezon City Philippines.

St. Clare Dental Laser Center

Creating Healthy and Beautiful Smiles with Dental Lasers at Saint Clare, Dental Laser Center at Quezon City, Philippines St. Clare Dental Clinic, founded by Dr. Maria Judith Del Rosario, located in Quezon City, offers personalized and high quality service to its domestic and international patients. St Clare is a popular dental care unit that has gained global reputation with its achievements in providing healthy teeth and gums to everyone. Highly educated dental staff at the clinic offer up to date technology and remain updated with the new advances in the dental industry. The clinic is well equipped with all latest dental technologies and specializes in the field of Laser Dentistry to promote good oral health and its benefits.  It offers dental services at reasonable rates for to be able to afford high quality dental care in Philippines. Treatments and Procedures Tooth Extraction Root Canal Therapy Oral Prophylaxis Porcelain Jacket Desensitization of Hy Read More

St. Clare Dental Laser Center Pricings:

Dentistry Procedure Details Price in USD
Dental Crowns Per Tooth $400
Dental Implants Dental Implants $1000
Dentures (Full mouth) Dentures (Full mouth) $250
Dentures Dentures $450
Braces Dynaflex Brackets $1000
Braces Ceramic Bracket $2000
Braces Self Ligating $1150
Deep Cleaning Deep Cleaning $25
Root Canal (per tooth) Root Canal (per tooth) $100
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