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Dr. Antonio De la Vera 4, Monterrey Nuevo Leon

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ILaser Group

Perfect Eye Care at ILaser Group, Monterrey, Mexico ILaser Group, situated in Monterrey, Mexico, is a one roof solution for comprehensive eye care. The eye care clinic is known for its technology, doctor’s team, and infrastructure and ultra-safe and hygienic for domestic and international patients. The uniquely well-equipped eye care unit is headed by Dr. Oscar Garza Buentello, who has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Ophthalmology. His practice is mainly focused on the aesthetic and refractive field. He adopts new techniques and uses the most modern technology to offer the best treatment available in the market to the patients. The clinic staffs are trained in strong work ethics and maintain patient first attitude. ILaser Group promises to provide best eye care with all abilities, passion and cutting-edge technology. Treatments and Procedures Refractive Surgery Waterfall Aesthetic of Eyelids Routes Lagrimales Ophthalmology General (Conj Read More

ILaser Group Pricings:

Eye/Lasik Care Procedure Details Price in USD
IntraLASIK or FemtoLASIK Femto Lasik using Victus black and Teneo 2 $2200
Vitrectomy Include phaco surgery in case is needed $3100
Pterygium Excision And Graft Pterygium Excision And Graft $800
Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Implantation Operation Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Implantation Operation $3000
Phaco and IOL Monofocal IOL Zeiss or Baush&Lomb. No femto $1700
Phaco and IOL Trifocal IOL, Zeiss or FineVision $3000
Corneal Rings Both eyes $4200
Eyelid Surgery Upper and lower lids $2700
Eyelid Surgery Tumor excision without graft $1600
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