Vein Clinic Alanya

Vein Clinic Alanya

Alanya, Turkey

Oba Mah. Yuzbasioglu Sok. No: 19/4

Vascular Surgery Cost in Alanya Turkey

Vein Clinic Alanya Procedures Cost

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Vein Clinic Alanya

Vein Clinic Alanya- Best Vascular Surgery in Alanya, Turkey If you are looking for vascular surgery you don’t need to go for vein stripping that is still being done in hospitals or day surgery. Vein Clinic Alanya uses the latest technology in their medical office in Alanya, Turkey to provide a comfortable and personalized health experience with their non-invasive. Vein Clinic Alanya provides the best treatment of varicosis and venous inadequacy procedures expertly and meticulously. Their experienced team works at the center in Alanya and proudly serves the patients from all over Turkey and around the world. Under the expert assistance and guidance of Dr. İlker Zan, AlanyaVeinClinic provides the best of varicosis treatments at affordable price. Big varicose veins with a diameter of 4 mm and above,  Reticular varicose veins that slightly appears over the skin with a 2-3 mm diameter and Telangiectasias that are up to 2 mm thin in diameter and do not Read More

Vein Clinic Alanya Pricings:

Vascular Surgery Procedure Details Price in USD
Varicose Veins Consultation including colour duplex ultrasound scan $300
Varicose Vein Removal Radiofrequence / Laser - Spider Veins and Telengiectazias Removal- This costs is for one session $330
Varicose Veins Foam Sclerotherapy Injections - Reticular Varicose Veins Removal- This costs is for one session $330
Radiofrequency ablation Endovenous Radiofrequence/ Laser Ablation Unilateral(One Leg)... 2400 USD - For two leg $1750
Varicose Veins Class II Compression Stockings prices $50
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