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POP Plastic Surgery

POP Plastic Surgery

Seoul, South Korea

837 NONHYEON-RO, GANGNAM-GU, SEOUL 3 min walk from Apgujeong station, Line 3, Exit #4

POP Plastic Surgery Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Prices in Seoul South Korea

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POP Plastic Surgery

POP Plastic Surgery- Best Aesthetic Care in Seoul, South Korea POP Plastic Surgery (POP) is one of the renowned plastic surgery centers located in Seoul, South Korea.  They are dedicated to helping patients achieve their beauty goals. The expert team of POP is led by the surgical expertise of a board-certified and renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Kim Dong Gul. He says, “I still and always think what to provide more and how to make my patients fulfill their satisfaction. Starting from day one as a plastic surgeon till now, this is my main concern. As we see numerous plastic surgery advertisements, we can tell that most advertising is giving too much expectation. As a plastic surgeon, I always feel sorry to the patients. Since opening POP Plastic Surgery, I have promised myself to fulfill the patient’s internal and external beauty. POP Plastic Surgery made the best system of understanding exactly what the patient wants and needs, many of our patients come back or intro Read More

POP Plastic Surgery Pricings:

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Procedure Details Price in USD
Eyelid Surgery There are various kinds of eye related plastic surgeries. (non-incision/incision, canthoplasty, epicanthoplasty, under eyebag fat removal, and etc) Please note that the price may change after actual consultation. $2800
Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty There are various kinds of surgeries in rhinoplasty. (basic rhinoplasty, alar reduction, revision rhinoplasty, hump removal, and etc) Please note that prices may change after the actual consultation. $6000
Face Lift Pop Plastic Surgery processes Thread lifting, face lifting, endotine, and etc. We will customize each patients face type and process the procedure. $6000
Liposuction For liposuction, all body area can be processed. From upper areas from the body to lower areas from the body, we will give you the best result with our special liposuction method. $11000
Fat Transfer Anti Aging Technique Fat transfer will fill in your empty space and give you back your young age appearance. $3800
Breast Augmentation From MOTIVA, Bellagel, and etc, POP Plastic Surgery will make sure you get the right size and right type of implant to improve your life! $20000
Chin Implant By using our 3D machine, we will give you the perfect result. Short time recovery by our doctors surgery method! $3000
Dimple Creation Make you smile better than now! Short procedure time and getting back to social life right away! $1000
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