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Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Prices in Bucharest Romania at DENTOCLINIC

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Str.intrarea noptii,nr 5,sec 1,Bucuresti Bucharest , Bucharest, Romania
Price Range: $16 - 18091
Associated Center: DENTOCLINIC, Bucharest, Romania
Specialty: Dentistry


Top Dental Treatment in Bucharest Romania with Most Advanced Dental Technology About Dentoclinic Dentoclinic provides top quality Dental Treatment in Bucharest Romania. Book online now Dental Implant, Braces, and Whitening at PlacidWay. We provide modern, professional and with extremely competitive prices at Dentoclinic we offer you the most advanced dental technology available. For us, dental health is the priority! Our extensive range of dental services covers all advanced Dental Treatment in Romania. We provide surgery and implantology, periodontics, dental prosthetics, root canal treatments, sedation, crowns, braces, whitening, scaling and veneers. All our dentists have a special interest in cosmetic treatments and design for a beautiful smile. No matter how complex or simple your dental requirements are, at the Dentoclinic dental clinic, you will find best service. We will have a solution for you. We guarantee you excellent dental care in a warm, professional and f


Dentistry Procedure Details Price in USD
Dentistry Consultation $44
Dentistry Scaling + professional brushing + air-flow $68
Dentistry Air-flow /arcade $16
Dentistry Professional brushing / arch $16
Dentistry Fluoridation/ sitting $43
Dental Fillings Medium photopolymlizable composite filling $54
Dentistry Desensitization trays $65
Dentistry Desensitization treatment $65
Dentistry Dental jewelry $43
Teeth Whitening Whitening lamp (professional whitening) $291
Teeth Whitening Whitening trays/ arch $172
Teeth Whitening Whitening x/ tooth $75
Dentistry Enamel restoration and desensitization treatment $43
Dental Fillings Deep photopolymlizable composite filling $65
Dental Fillings Superficial photopolymlizable composite filling $43
Dentistry Composite facet $86
Dentistry Sealing/ tooth $32
Tooth Extraction Temporary tooth (extraction) $32
Dental Fillings Obturation (filling) temporary tooth $43
Dentistry Odontal reconstruction build-up $75
Dentistry Vital/devital extirpation + canal obturation $43
Dentistry Endo drainage $32
Dentistry Alveolar curettage $54
Dentistry Endodontic drainage $54
Dentistry Calming dressing $43
Dentistry Molar decapusonation of the mind $43
Dentistry Vital extirpation of monoradicular tooth $43
Dentistry Vital extirpation of the pluriradicular tooth $54
Root Canal Permanent obturation of monoradicular tooth canal $75
Root Canal Definitive filling of pluriradicular tooth canal $97
Dentistry Treatment of pulp gangrene and permanent canal obturation (+Ca/OH2 session) monoradicular tooth     $75
Dentistry Treatment of pulp gangrene and permanent canal obturation (+Ca/OH2 session) pluriradicular tooth $97
Dentistry Removal of corono-root device $54
Maxillofacial Surgery Periodontal curettage in closed field/tooth $65
Maxillofacial Surgery Periodontal curettage in the open field/tooth $86
Gingivectomy Gingivectomy/ tooth $65
Gingivectomy Gingiveectomy with osteoplasty ( crown elongation) tooth $75
Gingivectomy Gingivectomy upper/ lower arch $453
Frenectomy Frenectomy (labial frenum, lingual frenum) $65
Maxillofacial Surgery Vestibuloplasty / hemiarcada $108
Dentistry Immobilization of the tooth with fiberglass $108
Maxillofacial Surgery Anti-inflammatory drug treatment (3 sessions) $43
Maxillofacial Surgery Incision and drainage of vestibular/ periodontal abscess $43
Dentistry Postextractional/ post-implant PRF $65
Sinus Lifting Sinus lift $532
Dentistry Bone addition 160USD - 425 USD $160
Dentistry Implant removal $194
Bone Graft Autologous bone graft $532
Bone Graft Pini graft the autologous bone $32
Tooth Extraction Extraction temporarily reinclused tooth $41
Tooth Extraction Permanent monoradicular tooth extraction $43
Tooth Extraction Extraction of definite pluriradicular tooth $65
Tooth Extraction Dental extraction by root separation / alveolotomy $108
Tooth Extraction Extraction for orthodontic purposes $54
Dentistry Decaplusion in the treatment of rash accidents $43
Dentistry Extraction molar of the mind erupted $86
Dentistry Premolarization $54
Dentistry Alveolitis Treatment $54
Tooth Extraction Cystectomy with extraction $86
Tooth Extraction Mind molar extraction included $150
Tooth Extraction Periodontotic tooth extraction $32
Dental Implants Implant Straumann $1064
Dental Implants Subperiosteal implants (customized) both arches $18091
Dental Implants Implant Megagen $638
Dental Implants Implant Mis $478
Dental Implants Implant Nobel $1030
Dental Implants Implant Dentium Superline $532
Dentistry Sedation (320 USD first 2 hours + 106USD / hour exceeding the 2 hours) $320
Dentistry Total acrylic prosthesis $322
Dentistry Kemeny prosthesis $161
Dentistry Skeletal prosthesis+ special systems $860
Dentures Acrylic dentures on staples $430
Dentistry Acrylic prosthesis on magnet $430
Dentistry Elastic prosthesis $645
Dental Crowns Provisional crown $43
Dental Crowns Temporary CROWN PMMA $54
Dental Crowns Ceramic crown on Cr-Ni support $193
Dental Crowns Semiphysiognomic metal-ceramic crown $140
Dental Crowns All-ceramic crown (pressed ceramics) $430
Dental Crowns Zirconium crown $365
Dental Crowns Ceramic crown on zirconium support on implant + abutment $479
Dental Crowns Metal-ceramic crown on implant + abutment $372
Dental Veneers Hollywood Smile dental veneers (price/veneer) 479USD - 1064USD $479
Inlay Onlay Restoration Ceramic inlays $322
Dentistry Reconstitution of corono - root cast $64
Dentistry Ablation of work / tooth $21
Dentistry Rebasing prosthesis $75
Dentistry Repair of fractured prosthesis (base of the prosthesis / tooth) $75
Braces Fixed apparatus with metal braces $626
Braces Fixed apparatus with ceramic brassites $671
Braces Fixed apparatus with sapphire brasskets $783
Dentistry Damon autoligaturant device $957
Dentistry Aparat autoligaturant Damon Clear $1119
Dentistry Cigarette tray $75
Dentistry Tray of bruxism $75
Dentistry Removal of fixed apparatus/ arch $75
Dental Fillings Temporary filling $17
Dentistry Corono-root reconstruction with fiberglass pivot and build-it $75
Dental Fillings Mummifiant dressing (inlcude and temporary filling) $43
Dentistry Occlusion elevations for orthodontic purposes $43


  • Laila T

    We had surgery to remove a mandibular cyst by Dr. Adrian Gabara is a true professional probably the best in our country on oral and maxillofacial surgery. And the dentOclinc team is grade 10 rowing with great pleasure.

    Dentoclinic Feb 24 2022
  • BVM M

    One of the best offices I've been to so far. Professionalism has its say. Darting and brushing is great. Thanks. I return with pleasure! I recommend!

    Dentoclinic Aug 08 2021
  • Sofia B

    Amazing clinic! came all the way from the USA for 5 zirconia crowns. Amazing staff, very clean, professional and very reasonable prices! i highly recommend them for dental services!

    Dentoclinic Jan 31 2022


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