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Chicago Stem Cell Therapy & Pain Management Institute Treatment Cost in Frankfort United States

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10181 W Lincoln Hwy Frankfort IL, Frankfort 60423, United States
Price Range: $9000 - 13000
Associated Doctors: Zaki Anwar,
Specialty: Alternative Medicine, Chronic Diseases, ENT, General Medicine, Neurology, Orthopedic/Knee Surgery, Spine Care/Surgery, Stem Cell Therapy

About Chicago Stem Cell Therapy & Pain Management Institute

CHICAGO STEM CELL THERAPY & PAIN MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE: The leading Stem Cell Therapy and regenerative treatment center in the Chicagoland area Chicago Stem Cell Therapy & Regenerative Medicine Institute is the leading pain management health center. It offers diverse personalized treatments and services to local and travelling patients to fight aging symptoms, increase longevity, and optimize quality of life through conservative and revolutionary regenerative medicine. The highly skilled medical team headed by Dr. Zaki Anwar utilizes both traditional medicine and regenerative therapy alternatives for individuals experiencing pain. The fully functional office in Frankfort manages patients' needs in one place through Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, stem cell therapy, or a procedure done in the operating room. Dr. Zaki Anwar connects with his patients since he has struggled through injuries while training for triathlons. One of

Chicago Stem Cell Therapy & Pain Management Institute Pricings:

Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Details Price in USD
$13,000 USD includes 3 doses of infusions but additional doses are available for additional cost $13000

Chicago Stem Cell Therapy & Pain Management Institute Reviews

  • Daniel P

    Dr Anwar has been quite attentive, and, given the complex nature of my condition/multiple areas of damage or deterioration, has provided me with options otherwise unknown to me. Thank you.

    Chicago Stem Cell Therapy Jul 14 2022
  • Anwar U

    Dr. Anwar is not only a good listener but very knowledgeable about stem cells and what he is doing and explaining it to his patients.

    Chicago Stem Cell Therapy Oct 04 2022
  • Jeremy F

    The prp works very well and lasts about 4 months for me. I love my experience.

    Chicago Stem Cell Therapy Nov 02 2022


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