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LAYYN MEDICAL GROUP Treatment Cost in Tijuana,Guadalajara Mexico

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pablo Neruda 2335, colonia providencia., Tijuana,Guadalajara 44630, Mexico
Price Range: $1200 - 6800
Specialty: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplantation, Stem Cell Therapy


  LAYYN MEDICAL GROUP is led by two experienced Cosmethic Surgerys and has branches in Guadalajara, Mexico. The LAYYN medical team performs all types of esthetic surgery, including full facelifts, face liposuction, neck lifts, and tummy tucks, Mommy Makeovers, Breast lifts, Breast implants, Body Liposuctions, and more. They also provide high-quality hair transplants as well as all regenerative medicine treatments such as IV solutions and stem cell. Dra. Yuliya Nikonova have been practicing as cosmetic surgeons in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico since April 2002. In September 2008, they opened their first cutting-edge medical facility, "Especialidades Médicas Miguel ngel," which has since grown and is still seeing patients and providing the best care possible. They expanded to Tijuana in July of 2016. Dr. Armendariz and Dr. Nikonova, who share the initials LAOYN and have over 18 years of experience, have kept up to date with the latest technology in aest


Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Details Price in USD
Brazilian Butt Lift Brazilian Butt Lift in Tijuana, Mexico by Layyn Medical Group. $3800
Mommy Makeover Starting Price (Tummy Tuck , Breast Implants, 360 Lipo) $6800
Tummy Tuck Surgery Starting Price $
Tummy Tuck Surgery Tummy Tuck And Liposuction 360 $6500
Breast Lift Starting Price $4600
Face Lift Starting Price $4800
Eyelid Surgery Upper OR Lower $1200
Eyelid Surgery Upper AND Lower with lift $2600
Neck Lift Neck Lift $2850
Breast Implants Starting Price $4150
Breast Reduction Starting Price $4200
Liposuction 360 Lipo $4000
Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty Starting Price $3000


  • Maritza P

    Dr. Yuli is truly the best! She is extremely professional and made me feel very comfortable. Two months ago I did my mommy makeover and I couldn’t be any happier. My breast implants look so natural, and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure I keep myself healthy after this process. Anyone who needs work done should definitely go to her, she is so lovely and helped get me to where I wanted to be! ♥️

    May 04 2023
  • Jose S

    Dr Yuliya was amazing, she takes the time to listen about what you are looking for and uses her expertise on hiding the scars and giving you the best results. I tend to worry a lot and she is always available by phone or video chat to answer my questions. Dr. Yuliya opened her office on a Sunday to see me and address my concerns, I don’t know of any Dr that would do that. She goes above and beyond to care for her patients.

    May 02 2023
  • Dolores M

    My name is Dolores and I’m 33 years old. I got a tummy tuck with Dr Luis Armendariz and Dr Yulia Nikonova December 2022. I had amazing results and just last week I did breast lift with implants, 360 Lipo and a BBL. I’m one week post op and I can already see amazing results. Why I chose them? Simply because they have been in this industry for many years and are board certified surgeons. During my recovery I was able to be in contact with them if needed and they have build a great team to assist when they are not available in their practice called LAYYN Medical Group. If you’re looking for trusted board certified surgeons with years of experience look no further and and book your consultation with Dr. Yuliya Nikonova or Dr Luis Armendariz today and start your your journey to having a new hot body this summer!

    Feb 17 2023


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