Sanoviv Medical Institute

Sanoviv Medical Institute

Rosarito Beach, Mexico

Kilometro 39 Carretera Libre Tijuana-Ensenada
Playas de Rosarito

Sanoviv Medical Institute Obesity/Bariatric Surgery Prices in Rosarito Beach Mexico

Compare Sanoviv Medical Institute Obesity/Bariatric Surgery Cost in Rosarito Beach Mexico

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Sanoviv Medical Institute

Sanoviv Medical Institute We are a cutting-edge Medical Facility with the look and feel of a five-star Hotel & Spa. Why Sanoviv? A licensed medical hospital, a non-mercury biological dental department, a psychological and spiritual department, a spa & fitness center, surgery suites, patient recovery areas, a pharmacy and a state-of-the-art analysis lab, that strives to eliminate toxins that inhibit the body's ability to heal. Our medical team is a highly experienced, internationally trained group of physicians, nutritionists, psychologists, and fitness experts committed to treating your whole being: mind, body and soul. We fight disease through prevention and high-end diagnostics by Treating Chronic Degenerative Illnesses Promoting Healthy Aging Enhancing your Immune System Educating in Prevention & Wellness Quality Our four-night diagnostic program called the Complete Health Assessment is the cornerstone of Read More

Sanoviv Medical Institute Pricings:

Obesity/Bariatric Surgery Procedure Details Price in USD
Lung Cancer Holistic Oncotherapy  6 Weeks Package  $39,000 $39000
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