Blueprint Health and Benefit

Blueprint Health and Benefit

Cape Town, South Africa

7 Edmond Rostand St Chantecler

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Blueprint Health and Benefit

Welcome to Blueprint Health! Blueprint Health, located in South Africa's Cape Town, has specialized in offering an ultimate wellness holiday, which is specifically designed around your own individual lifestyle, addressing: work-life balance burnout high performance focus lifestyle diseases inherited health risks. Customized and integrated wellness programs combine the latest genetic diseases testing along with motivational and, of course, spiritual sessions, in magical Africa. Blueprint Health Treatments The therapeutic retreat in South Africa means the integration of top services and multispecialty doctors, converging to improve your body's health and state of mind. After the analysis of your full genetic profile, Blueprint Health's team of specialized physicians, biokineticists, nutritionists and life coaches will see you through a customized programme, focusing on: foods that match Read More

Blueprint Health and Benefit Pricings:

Skin Care Procedure Details Price in USD
Cancer Treatment Package for Sporadic Cancer Risk  $1,950 $1950
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