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Specialty: Addiction Treatment, Alternative Medicine, Anti Aging, Ayurveda, Cancer Treatment, Chronic Diseases, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, Detox, ENT, Executive Healthcheck, Eye/Lasik Care, Fertility Treatment, General Medicine, General Surgery, Gynecology Treatment, Hair Transplantation, Heart Care/Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Laser Surgery, Medical Spa Treatment, Neurology, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery, Organ Transplant, Orthopedic/Knee Surgery, Pediatric Treatment, Radiology/CT Scans, Rehabilitation, Robotic Surgery, Skin Care, Spine Care/Surgery, Sports Medicine, Stem Cell Therapy, Urology, Vascular Surgery, Weight Loss Program, Yoga/Meditation
Focus Area: Kosovo Medical Tourism | Surgery | Treatments Abroad | Accredited Hospitals | Global Health Care Centers | Worldwide Healthcare Solutions for Kosovan citizens, Pristina, Kosovo

PlacidWay Kosovo Profile Overview

Worldwide Health Care for Kosovo Residents

Welcome to PlacidWay Kosovo

PlacidWay Kosovo is a  comprehensive health information provider for people of Kuwait who want to seek best medical treatments abroad. Our main aim is to provide medical treatment facilities, fundamental medical solutions, and assistance in travelling abroad for medical treatment.

PlacidWay Kosovo has developed over the years a global network of patients and healthcare providers in offering top notch medical services. The Kosovo medical company is dedicated to addressing all of its patient’s needs. Working with only the best accredited hospitals, clinics and doctors, our patients get the best deals on medical procedures and treatments. 


PlacidWay Kosovo Treatments

PlacidWay Kosovo gives its patients the chance to choose any destination they see fit, and personalize their treatments as they wish.

  • Laparoscopic Surgery such as hernia surgery and joint surgery
  • Heart Care & Surgery such as ischemic heart disease
  • Bariatric Surgery such as lap-band surgery, gastric bypass and duodenal switch
  • Fertility Treatments such as IVF procedure, PGD, PGS and Premature ovarian failure treatment 

Medical Care Abroad for Kosovo Citizens

Worldwide Destinations

PlacidWay Kosovo is dedicated to offering its clients destination options from around the globe for comprehensive, affordable treatments:

  • Middle East/Africa: South Africa, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE
  • Latin America: Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia
  • Asia: India, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines
  • Europe: Hungary, Poland, Germany, Croatia, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Romania

Global Healthcare Options for Kosovan Citizens

Why choose us?

  • We have extensive experience in helping patients gain access to specialty treatments in countries around the world
  • We offer numerous options for foreign healthcare centers world-wide from which our customers can choose
  • We help our patients customize their medical care packages in whatever way they see necessary in order to satisfy their specific needs
  • We strive to meet the highest standards of client satisfaction, helping them all through their treatment and recovery


PlacidWay Kosovo guides you through this experience in order to help you regain health and vitality at low costs.


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