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PlacidWay Montenegro Profile Overview

global medical tourism for montenegrins


Welcome to PlacidWay Montenegro

PlacidWay Montenegro is a branch of the PlacidWay medical tourism company, dedicated to offering its clients suitable affordable treatments abroad. Their international network of patients and healthcare providers makes them one of the best medical tourism companies on the market.

PlacidWay Montenegro has grown into the company it is today due to its client-oriented policy. They strive to offer comprehensive solutions and customizable packages to their patients. The Montenegro medical company give their clients the opportunity to choose from a series of innovative treatments that would normally wouldn’t be available in their own country. Reasonable prices and no waiting lists makes PlacidWay Montenegro the choice medical tourism company for hundreds of patients.


PlacidWay Montenegro Treatments

PlacidWay Montenegro gives its patients the chance to choose any destination they see fit, and personalize their treatments as they wish.

  • Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery such as tummy tuck procedures, breast augmentation surgeries, eyelid surgery, hair transplant procedure and reconstructive surgery
  • Heart surgery such as heart valve replacement, CABG, heart bypass surgery
  • Orthopedics such as joint surgery, hand surgery, meniscus repair and disc hernia surgery
  • Spine care procedures such as artificial disc replacement, spinal fusion, disc hernia surgery or discectomy.

Global Healthcare Options for Montenegrin Citizens

Worldwide Destinations

PlacidWay Montenegro offers its clients destination options from around the globe for comprehensive, affordable treatments:

  • Asia:  Malaysia, India, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and South Korea
  • Europe: Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Germany,  Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine
  • Middle East/Africa: UAE, South Africa, Jordan, Lebanon
  • Latin America: Bolivia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina


Why choose us?

  • PlacidWay Montenegro offers its clients access to some of the best medical facilities around the world, eliminating waiting lists and high prices
  • We help our clients make the best decision when it comes to choosing a specialist or healthcare facility through up to date information
  • We put customer satisfaction above all else, striving to meet the highest standards of quality services
  • We guide our clients all the way through the process of choosing a specialist and gaining access to treatments 

Medical Care Abroad for Montenegro Citizens

Experience and Credentials

PlacidWay Montenegro has established itself as one of the leading medical tourism operators through a world-wide network of healthcare providers. PlacidWay Montenegro has helped many patients gain access to top medical facilities, bypassing waiting lists and overpriced treatments. Their years of experience and accurate information about prices and therapies has helped them gain patient trust.


We are here to help you and stand by you throughout your medical experience. Contact us and find out which is the best option according to your needs.

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Addiction-Treatment Related Packages

Addiction-Treatment Related Experiences

Popular Medical Centers

Tabula Rasa Retreat

Tabula Rasa Retreat

Alentejo, Portugal

Tabula Rasa Retreat is not a typical drug rehabilitation clinic or spiritual growth enabler. It is a center where a withdrawal free detox can offer a new life. a spiritual escape. A place to be lost then found Set within the beautiful Alentejo, Portugal the center treats a wide range of people in search of a new kind of addiction recovery and spiritual freedom. Found inside the African Iboga shrub

  • Ibogaine Therapy from $7200
  • Drug Addiction from $7200
  • Alcohol Addiction from $7200
  • Gambling Addiction from $7200
  • Cocaine Addiction from $7200
  • Heroin Addiction from $7200

PlacidWay Finland Medical Tourism has partnerships only with the best doctors and specialists in Finland, trained in the best universities in Europe, USA and Asia. Working only with accredited clinics and hospitals, PlacidWay Finland Medical Tourism is carefully selecting health centers based on their patient policies.

PlacidWay Switzerland Medical Tourism offers a vast array of flawless medical to international patients from all around the world. With our help medical tourists can find accredited medical centers, highly trained and renowned doctors and the latest medical technology.

PlacidWay Ireland

PlacidWay Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

PlacidWay Ireland and its partners are dedicated to offering patients in Ireland the best treatment options available worldwide. See the top treatments and surgeries available for you and take advantage of affordable prices and highest quality with advanced medical technology.

PlacidWay Denmark Medical Tourism provides free counseling and affordable yet exclusive medical packages according to the patient's needs and expectations. Whatever you need for medical treatment in Denmark, we have it, at the highest quality and accessible prices.

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