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Hair Restoration and Skin Care in Mexico

Welcome to Bojanini Hair & Skin Experts Cancun Clinic brings the best of Hair and Skin Care Solutions in Mexico 

Bojanini Polanco Clinic is a branch of renowned Bojanini Hair and Skin Experts is part of the new age in hair transplant procedures, capilar trearments, beauty health care. Dr. Giovanni Bojanini is the founder of the clinic. As a pioneer of these topical treatments. Dr. Bojanini is a recognized authority in the field, reaching over 90% effectiveness in disciplined patients. Currently, many patients around the world have positioned Giovanni Bojanini´s centers as a Latin America leader in both female and male pattern baldness.

About us

Hair transplant and loss hair: we have more than 25 years of experience in loss hair, we offer you a variety of customized anticalvicie formulas, lotions and capilar treatments and hair transplant procedures. 

Anti-Aging treatments: Rejuvenate skin and renew facial appearce with most advances components

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery: enhaces your current physucal appearance boosting your self-confidence

Skin Care: Aquatherapy trademark

Body care: Lipokontur trademark

Our Procedures & Treatments 

Hair Transplant, Female or Male (F.U.E., Follicular unit extraction)

  • Hair transplant

  • Eyebrow transplant

  • Beard transplant

Capilar treatments and prodecures

  • Anticalvicie formulas magistrales for Female and Male

  • AAPE Capilar Protein Stem Cell Derivates

  • PRP Capilar

Anti-aging treatments:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Botulinum toxin
  • AAPE Skin, Protein Stem Cell Derivates
  • Derma fillers
  • PRP Skin 

Plastic Surgery (is only Mexico City)

  • Full Face Lift
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Eye Lid Correction
  • Otoplasty (Ear surgery)
  • Bichectomya

"Leave your makeover and your trip arrangements in our hands" 

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Hair Transplant and Skin Care in Mexico

About Bojanini Hair and Skin Experts

The specialist team of Bojanini Hair and Skin Experts provides the highest standard of hair and skin care. Apart from that, their clinic ensures every patient is treated in a relaxing and inviting environment. Their state of the art treatment practices feature technologically advanced tools and the best of experts in Mexico and this combination ensures the best care.
In addition, they promise to offer honest, quality care, by qualified doctors who will listen and recommend long-term solutions best suited to the patient’s needs and budget.

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Hair and Skin Experts in Mexico

Bojanini Hair and Skin Experts-Team

Dr. Giovanni Bojanini, Colombian Dermatologist and international speaker in areas of clinical and therapeutic dermatology.
In 1993 he founded his first Dermatological Center in Bogotá, Colombia.
He created the Bojanini Method, which consists of personalized anti- cervical formulas, hair regeneration and micrograft treatments, in order to address the problem of the type of alopecia and its degree.

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Mexico Medial Tourism

Why Choose Mexico?

Location is one of the most crucial things to consider along with the efficiency of the clinic when you opt for medical tourism. Mexican cities like Tijuana, Cancun and Mexico city provides you with ample scope to explore the exotic location that is laden with beautiful sandy beaches amid warm Caribbean waters. Water sports activities like snorkeling very popular here.

The atmosphere is relaxing and enjoyable for people of any age. If you are not on the beaches, you can enjoy other activities like shopping in plazas, explore the Mayan ruins or enjoy many other activities that your resort or hotel has to offer. 

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