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Chivitr Health and Rejuvenation in Phuket,Phuket City, Thailand Offers High Quality Treatments

14/119 Moo 1, Rawai sub-district, Muang, Phuket,Phuket City, Thailand
Specialty: Medical Spa Treatment, Rehabilitation
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Chivitr Health and Rejuvenation Profile Overview

Chivitr in Rawai, Thailand

Chivitr, Ultimate Retreat and Rejuvenation Center in Rawai, Thailand

If you are searching for the best luxurious and intimate retreat amid amazing nature, then you must visit Chivitr. This top-notch retreat center is located in a beautiful location of Rawai, Thailand. People who ultimate wellness programs to take better care of themselves, Chivitr is the ultimate destination for them.

Long-term health is deteriorating with regular medications, environmental pollutants, inadequate exercise, lack of proper sleep and many other factors. If you are searching a location that can help you rejuvenate from these lifestyle menaces, you must visit Chivitr. The holistic and retreat programs offered here are more than just spa holiday. These programs are created to completely re-establish a solid base of metabolic functioning, detoxification, physical activity, diet and health habits. Learn more about the facilities available here.

Facilities at Chivitr

  • Wellness Retreats
  • Gaya Spa
  • Healthy food, drinks and tea
  • Healthy Cuisine
  • Spa
  • Physical Activities, and more​


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