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95 Trung Hoa Ward, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam
Specialty: Dentistry, Skin Care
Focus Area: Greenfield Dental | Hanoi | Vietnam | Ceramic Veneer | Porcelain Crown | Dental Implant | Wisdom Tooth Extraction | Gummy Smile Treatment | Root Canal Treatment | Preventive Dentistry | Invisalign Orthodontic | Dental Braces | Pediatric Dentistry | Cosmetic Dentistry

Greenfield Dental Profile Overview

Greenfield Dental Clinic in Hanoi, Vietnam

State-of-the-Art Facilities for Dental Treatment in Hanoi, Vietnam by Greenfield Dental

Strategically positioned at the heart of Hanoi, Greenfield Dental Clinic offers patients a unique location that is not only easily accessible but also surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and efficient transportation. Our clinic is deeply committed to providing a luxurious and comfortable experience for our clients. We offer multilingual support to cater to an international clientele. Our modern facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that our patients receive the highest quality of care.

Our experienced team of dentists has a reputation for excellence in the field, and we take pride in upholding our clinic's motto, "beyond expectation." At the core of our values is the belief that happy employees are the cornerstone to delivering happiness to our esteemed clients. We understand that every visit to the dentist can be a significant event, and we're dedicated to making your experience at Greenfield Dental Clinic truly exceptional.

Leading Dental Services at Greenfield in Hanoi, Vietnam

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the confines of our clinic. We maintain an unwavering focus on continuous training, ensuring that our doctors, nurses, and support staff are always up to date with the latest advancements in dentistry, such as ceramic veneer, porcelain crown, dental implant, wisdom tooth extraction, gummy smile treatment, root canal treatment, preventive dentistry, invisalign orthodontic, dental braces, pediatric dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. This dedication translates into impeccable medical complication procedures, meticulous management of electronic health records, stringent medication control protocols, and rigorous infection control procedures.

Our Expert Dentists in Hanoi, Vietnam

At Greenfield Dental Clinic, we take immense pride in our team of dedicated dentists who are led by the accomplished Dr. Ta Hong Nhung. Dr. Nhung, a Platinum Invisalign Provider in 2022 and a holder of a Master's degree in Dentistry, embodies our motto, "Taking responsibility, acting with conscience." With over a decade of experience in the dental field, Dr. Nhung serves as a beacon of expertise and ethical practice. The entire team of dentists shares this commitment to excellence, having successfully performed thousands of dental cases. These highly skilled and experienced professionals are always enthusiastic, ready to serve our valued clients, and they prioritize the utmost respect and care for their patients.

Commitment to Oral Health Excellence

At Greenfield Dental Clinic, we recognize that your time is valuable, and we want to make your dental care as convenient as possible. Scheduling appointments with our doctors is flexible, allowing you to select time slots that align with your schedule. We value your time, and we are committed to delivering care with efficiency and respect for your preferences. By offering flexibility and convenience in appointment scheduling, we aim to create a seamless and hassle-free dental experience that prioritizes your oral health and overall well-being.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What sets Greenfield Dental Clinic apart from other dental clinics in Hanoi?

Greenfield Dental Clinic distinguishes itself with its central location, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to exceeding patient expectations. We offer multilingual support, advanced technology, and a highly experienced team.

2. How does Greenfield Dental Clinic contribute to patient comfort during treatments?

We prioritize patient comfort through personalized care, open communication, and an empathetic approach. Our clinic's ambiance and amenities are designed to make your dental experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

3. Can international patients expect a seamless experience at Greenfield Dental Clinic in terms of language support?

Yes, at Greenfield Dental Clinic, we offer multilingual support to cater to our international clientele. We understand the importance of clear communication in dental care and ensure that language is not a barrier to receiving the best treatment.

4. What is the expertise of the dentists at Greenfield Dental Clinic?

Our team, led by Dr. Ta Hong Nhung, includes highly skilled professionals with extensive experience. Dr. Nhung is a Platinum Invisalign Provider in 2022 and holds a Master's degree in Dentistry. Together, our team has successfully performed thousands of dental cases, upholding the highest standards of dental excellence.

5. How does Greenfield Dental Clinic handle appointment scheduling to accommodate busy schedules?

We understand the importance of your time and strive to make dental care convenient. Our flexible appointment scheduling allows you to choose time slots that best suit your schedule, ensuring efficient and timely care.

6. What aftercare procedures are in place to support patients following their treatments?

We offer comprehensive aftercare procedures to ensure the well-being of our patients after they leave the clinic. Our commitment to your dental health extends beyond the treatment room, providing holistic care and support.

How can I book an appointment at Greenfield Dental Clinic in Hanoi, Vietnam?

Answer: To book an appointment at Greenfield Dental Clinic in Hanoi, Vietnam, you can use PlacidWay Medical Tourism. Through PlacidWay, you can easily connect with our clinic, choose a convenient time for your visit, and receive any necessary assistance for a smooth booking process. Your journey to exceptional dental care in Hanoi begins with just a few clicks through PlacidWay.

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Greenfield Dental, Hanoi, Vietnam Profile Details

Cutting-Edge Technology for Your Smile

Greenfield Dental Clinic is not just your typical dental facility; we're the first business-class dental clinic in Hanoi, setting new standards in service excellence. We are dedicated to bringing the most advanced equipment and technologies from around the world to Vietnam, all in the pursuit of our patients' healthy, confident, and happy smiles. Our commitment to the latest advancements in dentistry allows us to offer state-of-the-art treatments and procedures that ensure the best possible outcomes for your dental health. When you choose Greenfield Dental Clinic, you are choosing the pinnacle of dental care, where innovation and expertise converge for your benefit.

Patient-Centric Care and Comfort

Our unwavering dedication to patient-centric dental care and comfort is evident in every aspect of our practice. From the moment you step into our clinic to your departure, our focus is on making your dental experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible. We believe that building a strong, lasting relationship with our patients is essential to providing the best possible care. You can expect personalized attention, open communication, and an empathetic approach to your unique needs. Whether you're visiting us for a routine check-up or a more complex dental procedure, our team is committed to ensuring you feel at ease and well-cared for throughout your journey with us.

Visit Us for a Healthy Smile

When you choose Greenfield Dental Clinic in Hanoi, Vietnam, you are selecting a dental care destination that embodies excellence in every aspect. Our strategic location, modern facilities, expert team of dentists, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering commitment to exceptional care all come together to ensure that you receive the best possible dental experience. We understand that visiting the dentist can be a significant event, and we're dedicated to making your experience at Greenfield Dental Clinic truly extraordinary. Your journey to a healthy, radiant smile begins here, and we invite you to visit us today to experience dental care that consistently goes beyond expectations.

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Greenfield Dental Treatments Offered

Before After - Dental Braces in Hanoi, Vietnam

Before After - Dental Braces in Hanoi, Vietnam

Before After - Dental Implant in Hanoi, Vietnam

Before After - Dental Implant in Hanoi, Vietnam

Before After - Laser Teeth Whitening in Hanoi, Vietnam

Before After - Laser Teeth Whitening in Hanoi, Vietnam

Before After - Dental Braces in Hanoi, Vietnam

Before After - Dental Braces in Hanoi, Vietnam

Before After - Porcelain Teeth in Hanoi, Vietnam

Before After - Porcelain Teeth in Hanoi, Vietnam

At Greenfield Dental Clinic, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of dental services to address your unique oral health needs. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering high-quality care and ensuring your comfort throughout your dental journey. Whether you're seeking cosmetic enhancements, restorative procedures, orthodontic solutions, or specialized pediatric dentistry, we offer a personalized approach to meet your specific requirements. Explore our services, which include:

  • Ceramic Veneer: Enhance your smile's beauty and symmetry with precision-crafted ceramic veneers.
  • Porcelain Crown: Restore your teeth's strength and appearance with durable porcelain crowns.
  • Dental Implant: Reclaim a complete, natural smile with cutting-edge dental implant procedures.
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Safely and comfortably remove problematic wisdom teeth.
  • Gummy Smile Treatment: Achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile through personalized gummy smile treatment.
  • Root Canal Treatment: Preserve your teeth's health with expert root canal therapy.
  • Preventive Dentistry: Maintain optimal oral health through tailored preventive dentistry.
  • Invisalign Orthodontic: Straighten your teeth discreetly and comfortably with Invisalign.
  • Dental Braces: Achieve a beautifully aligned smile with traditional dental braces.
  • Pediatric Dentistry: Nurture your child's dental health with gentle and specialized pediatric dentistry.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: Transform your smile's appearance with a range of cosmetic dentistry services designed to boost your self-confidence and overall oral health.

Our comprehensive services, from ceramic veneers to preventive dentistry, represent our dedication to helping you achieve your best smile. We invite you to explore the world of possibilities at Greenfield Dental Clinic, where dental excellence meets patient-centric care, and your oral health is our top priority. Your journey to a brighter, healthier smile begins with us.

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Greenfield Dental Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

At Greenfield Dental Clinic, our pride is derived from the exceptional team of dentists led by the accomplished Dr. Ta Hong Nhung. Dr. Nhung, distinguished as a Platinum Invisalign Provider in 2022 and holding a Master's degree in Dentistry, embodies the clinic's ethos of "Taking responsibility, acting with conscience."

• 10 years experience in the field of orthodontics.

• Invisalign Platinum Provider.

• Successfully treated thousands of orthodontic cases.

With over a decade of hands-on experience in the dental field, Dr. Nhung stands as a beacon of expertise and ethical practice. This commitment to excellence extends throughout the entire dental team, who collectively boast a track record of successfully completing thousands of dental cases.

Experienced Dentist in Hanoi, Vietnam

Dr. Ta Hong Nhung
Dr. Ta Hong Nhung
  • Certificate of continuous training “Botulinum Toxin injection technique in cosmetology” – Ho Chi Minh City Dermatology Hospital (2020)

  • Certificate of continuous training “Clinical Orthodontics” – Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University (2019)

  • Excellently graduated Master of Odonto-Stomatology – Hanoi Medical University (2017)

  • Certificate in Implant & Restorative Surgery – University of Bordeaux 2 (2013)

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Greenfield Dental Testimonials

The dentist has highly specialized, caring, and friendly doctors who are very suitable for me. I have periodontitis, fortunately I have dedicated doctors supporting me so I am almost cured now. Thank you doctors at Greenfield, we will become long-term customers here. - Nguyen Anh Tuan

I'm someone who has had to go to the dental clinic a lot since I was a child, but every time I was worried about getting hurt or the process not going smoothly. Luckily for me, I recently found Greenfield, which made me feel safe and comfortable during treatment. The doctors here are very professional and with advanced machines, our treatment process is faster and simpler than ever. Forever supporting Greenfield. Le Do Bich Ngoc

The thing I regret most after more than 35 years of living in this world is not getting braces sooner. I am the real proof, real people and real people, of how much braces enhance my appearance even though I am currently still wearing braces. It can be said that since getting braces, my jaw, nose, and profile have been like "hacking". My chin is slimmer and longer, my teeth are more even. If you wonder: Are braces painful? My answer is "It hurts, but when it's beautiful, it feels good." Are braces expensive? Of course, how can anyone drink water to become more beautiful, and of course it can't be more expensive than buying diapers for their children?? Any regrets? NO, this is one of the wisest decisions of my life =)))) In short, I hope anyone who is planning to implement it will do it. - Nguyen Hoa Quynh

The first time I went for a check-up, the doctors cared for me and supported me very enthusiastically. They spent a long time listening to their concerns and stories and coming up with a treatment plan that best suited their needs. Every time I come, everyone here is always friendly and welcoming. The doctors at Greenfield really care about their customers' health, making treatment easier and more comfortable than ever. If I had known about Greenfield sooner, perhaps my condition would not have been as severe as this. Thank you very much to the doctors at Greenfield for accompanying me. Cao Thi Hang

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Greenfield Dental Awards & Recognitions

Greenfield Dental Clinic Award

Greenfield Dental Clinic in Hanoi, Vietnam, takes immense pride in its commitment to excellence, and this dedication has been recognized through a series of prestigious awards. Our clinic has received accolades for its exceptional patient care, cutting-edge dental procedures, and the expertise of our dental team. These awards stand as a testament to our unwavering pursuit of providing top-tier dental services, encompassing a wide range of specialties such as cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, and preventive care. We are honored to have been acknowledged for our contributions to the field of dentistry, and these accolades motivate us to continue setting high standards for dental care in Hanoi and beyond.

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Hanoi, Vietnam Destination Overview

Dental Tourism in Hanoi, Vietnam: Your Gateway to Affordable Quality Care

Dental tourism in Hanoi, Vietnam offers a compelling opportunity for those seeking world-class dental treatments at cost-effective prices. Getting to Hanoi is convenient, with Noi Bai International Airport providing international access to the city. Upon arrival, travelers can choose from various transportation options, including taxis, buses, and car rentals. The well-connected railway network allows for scenic journeys to Hanoi, providing a unique travel experience.

Exploring Hanoi's Tourist Attractions

Beyond dental care, Hanoi boasts a rich cultural heritage and a myriad of tourist attractions. The Old Quarter, with its bustling streets and traditional architecture, offers a glimpse into the city's history. Hoan Kiem Lake, a serene oasis in the city center, is a popular spot for both locals and tourists. The Temple of Literature, a renowned historical site, showcases Vietnamese architecture and traditions. Don't miss the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre, where ancient stories come to life in a captivating aquatic performance.

Dental Treatments and Cultural Discovery in Hanoi

Combining dental treatments with cultural exploration in Hanoi is a win-win. Patients can receive treatments at well-established clinics like Greenfield Dental Clinic, known for its international standards. After dental care, immerse yourself in Hanoi's rich culture by visiting the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the One Pillar Pagoda, or taking a cyclo ride to explore the city's charming streets. The vibrant street food scene in Hanoi is a culinary delight, offering a taste of authentic Vietnamese flavors.

Dental Care and Nature Adventures in Hanoi

For nature enthusiasts, Hanoi has something to offer as well. Take a break from dental appointments to explore Ba Vi National Park, just a short drive from the city, where lush forests and serene landscapes await. Alternatively, venture to the Tam Dao National Park, known for its biodiversity and picturesque landscapes, which provide a refreshing escape from the bustling city. Dental tourism in Hanoi, Vietnam, seamlessly combines top-tier dental care with enriching cultural experiences and the beauty of nature.

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