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Roux-en-Y Bariatric Surgery


Roux-en-Y Bariatric Surgery Overview



Roux-en-Y laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery has been performed over two decades. It is one of the most promising and successful types of surgical treatment the enables individuals to achieve and maintain significant weight loss, at times up to 70% or more of their excess weight. The Roux-en-Y bariatric surgical procedure continues to be one of the most commonly performed in weight-loss and bariatric surgery clinics, outpatient facilities and hospitals around the world.

Who Benefits from Bariatric Surgery?


Bariatric surgery addresses severe obesity difficult to treat through diet and exercise. Bariatric surgery is most often only performed on those diagnosed with obesity related health problems, or those who have difficulty losing weight through traditional methods and are at high risk for complications. Bariatric surgical procedures restrict food intake, and is used in conjunction with a healthy and nutritious diet plan and regular physical exercise and activity.

Roux-en-Y Procedure Description


The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass technique actually reduces the amount of food absorbed in the digestive tract. This procedure routes food to pass directly from a small pouch created for food intake directly into the small intestine, bypassing much of the stomach, duodenum, and upper intestine.

This procedure is performed through a laparoscopic approach, meaning a minimally invasive procedure that requires three to a half a dozen very small incision.

Laparoscopic gastric bypass using the Roux-en-Y technique is generally performed in several basic steps:

The patient is placed on the table and given a general anesthetic. Trocars or three-sided and pointed shafts are used to properly place cannulas or hollow, straw-like tubes through which the doctor can view the surgical field via a computer monitor or screen. Clips are then placed at the bottom of the esophagus where it connects to the top of the stomach.

Partitioning the stomach into two parts, which contain an upper small pouch and a lower, larger pouch. Medical staples are used to separate and size the new stomach shape.

Creating a Y-connection in the small bowel or intestine to make a new 'end' that connects directly to the stomach.
Attaching the end of the smaller intestine to the upper stomach pouch. This bypasses the stomach and creates a new digestive tube.

The procedure reduces fat absorption by the duodenum or the first section of the small intestine. Instead, food now enters through the second part of the duodenum, called the jejunum, which also inhibits your body from absorbing calories.

The procedure generally takes up to two hours, but requires only a two-day stay in the hospital and a relatively quick recovery period.

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Cost

What Does Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Cost?


Costs for Roux-en-Y bariatric surgical procedures are pricey. Gastric bypass surgery using the Roux-en-Y technique may cost as much as $25,000, depending on individualized cases. Many insurance companies in the United States now cover gastric bypass surgery, but many don't. Traveling to foreign destinations offers lower gastric bypass surgery costs. For example, the same technique performed in India costs roughly $16,500. Medical travel destinations in South America, costs may hover around $10,000 and often time include all-inclusive stay benefits.


Who Performs Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Procedures?


Surgeons experienced in weight management, obesity and weight control, and subspecialties that utilize advanced laparoscopic surgery and procedures generally perform bariatric surgery. In the United States, such as surgeon may be registered with the American Society of Bariatric Surgeons. Surgeons in other countries are likewise required to maintain adequate certification and experience in bariatric surgical procedures.


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