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All on 6 Dental Implant Treatment Abroad


All-on-6 Dental Implants are a cost effective, revolutionary technique through which a whole arch of teeth can in many cases be supported by  6 implants. This treatment concept can be used in either the upper or lower jaw to support immediate fixed replacement teeth that look, feel and function very similar to natural teeth, sometimes in a little as 1-3 days if the conditions apply.  When the pacient is undertaking an implant replacement of all the teeth in the upper jaw, 6 dental implants are necessary (All-on-6 dental implants) to ensure good support and durability of the implant teeth.  The patients will need to be advised on which treatment option is best suited in their case after the initial examination and assessment appointment.

Common Dental Implants in All on 6 Types

Depending on the material used, there are many types of all on 6 dental implants. The most common materials are ceramic, porcelain, titanium and gold. There are different advantages for each material. Consulting with your doctor will help you choose the most suitable material for you.

For starters, the use of porcelain in all on six dental implants provides a strong, durable and aesthetic treatment option. Since it is both extremely strong and aesthetic, porcelain makes an excellent material. Also for aesthetic consideration, porcelain’s color and translucency closely matches enamel which gives a natural look to teeth. The abutment of this type of dental implant is made from titanium or zirconium and the crown from porcelain. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns with an all porcelain collar eliminate the hidden titanium or gold margin at the gum line as gums recede over time.

Next to porcelain, choosing titanium for all on 6 systems has its reasons. It is a base material for implants because this lightweight and highly resistant metal is usually well tolerated biologically. The abutment of the titanium dental implant is made from titanium and the crown from porcelain. Porcelain-fused-to-titanium crowns with an all porcelain collar won’t expose the titanium margin at the gum line as gums recede over time.

Furthermore, the use of ceramic all on 6 dental implants offers a potentially more aesthetic and tissue-friendly alternative to traditional titanium implants. Beside the aesthetic aspect, and the natural look, ceramic has the high resistance to fracture and heat, competing with metals in this field. The improvements in new ceramic materials made it possible to have the abutment part made of ceramic, known to be more tissue friendly than titanium. The one-piece ceramic implant which usually has two components (abutment and crown) now it has no prosthetic connections, where bacteria can grow, and therefore patients have animpoved gum health.

Last, but not least gold in all-on-6 implants provides sufficient strength and corrosion resistance, and it is relatively biocompatible. Also it has a long life cycle. But lately, esthetic issues and cost make it a less desirable prosthesis today than in the past. The abutment of the gold dental implant is made from gold and the crown from the same material. A gold crown might be the best choice for patients with strong bites or who use to grind or clench. For aesthetic purpose, porcelain-fused-to-gold crowns with an all porcelain collar can eliminate the underlying gold margin at the gum line as gums recede over time.

Note: If your jaw bone structure does not allow you to get dental implants or dental implants systems you can benefit from sinus lifting or box technique.

The All on 6 Procedure

This innovative procedure is an aesthetic dental solution for many patients seeking a fixed bridge for any arch of the mouth. This technique is about placing in certain angles 6 regular size dental implants in the anterior region of the jaw as this part of the jaw has the greatest bone density bringing about the highest success rate for regular dental implants. Using this technique, a fixed prosthesis can be fitted through this special system abutments or ‘housings’ with twelve to fourteen teeth by performing only a minor surgery. The placement of six implants not only provides greater stability, but also reduces the risk of failure.


The Benefits of All on 6 Dental Implant Systems

The advantages of choosing dental implants all on 6 are numerous and vary a lot. From the natural looking aspect of the teeth to the duration of a lifetime for the all-on-six implants, this dental technique restores self-confidence and fixes chewing difficulties. All on 6 dental implants also:

  • Improve fundamentally dental function

  • Enhance the natural looking appearance of your teeth

  • Ease teeth cleaning and maintenance

  • Add time to the life of the prosthesis

  • Allow prosthesis to be aesthetically pleasing for a longer period of time

  • Minimize the surgical procedures and treatment time

  • Reduce the time of recuperation


If dentures are no longer a viable solution, if you keep losing or you lost all your teeth, the all-on-6 dental implants helps you recover the full functions of your mouth restored and thus be able to eat and chew whatever you like or crave.

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