Comprehensive Treatment of Pelvic Cancer at Beijing Puhua Hospital

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Comprehensive Treatment of Pelvic Cancer, Beijing, China

Comprehensive Treatment of Pelvic Cancer at Beijing Puhua International Hospital- A Case Study

Thaiylah Joel, born in 03 May 1987, has been diagnosed with pelvic cancer. She is from Australia and admitted at Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) for Anti-Cancer Treatment. Her treatment plan included Intra-arterial chemotherapy, CIK immune therapy, Hyperthermia, Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Medical History prior to admission at Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) for Anti-Cancer Treatment

Thaiylah Joel is a 31 years old female patient with a large pelvic cancer that has spread into multiple abdominal lymph nodes. She previously had a removal of the tumor, the uterus and ovaries at a local hospital. The cancer reoccurred 4 months after the operation and she was complaining of severe pain in the left lower limb for the last month, before she was admitted at Beijing Puhua International Hospital.

A CT of the abdomen and pelvis (2016-11-07) revealed a large irregular mass, lying centrally within the pelvis. The appearance was highly suggestive for recurrent carcinoma of the cervix. Besides that, several lymph nodes were enlarged on the left side of the pelvis and there was one enlarged lymph node in her abdomen.

As for the patient herself, she was complaining about severe pain in her lower abdomen due to the pelvic tumor, for which she required to take large doses of morphine to help her cope. She had difficulties to defecate.

Comprehensive Treatment of Pelvic Cancer (2 Weeks of Inpatient Care)

Comprehensive Treatment for Pelvic Cancer at BPIH, China

After thorough evaluation, the patient was arranged to receive a comprehensive treatment program, made up of: Intra-arterial chemotherapy (just to the tumor) + CIK Immune Therapy + Hyperthermia (Thermotron-RF8) + TCM (Intravenous Infusions of Chinese Herbs).

Medical Condition after the Cancer Treatment at BPIH

The patient’s general condition significantly improved after receiving treatment. After completion of the Intra-arterial chemotherapy (which just supplied the drugs into the tumor), the pain in the abdomen suddenly disappeared. The patient was very pleased and was able to stop her morphine medication. Her bowel motions returned to normal and she was able to resume her daily activities, which included better sleep and an improved appetite.

Mrs Joel’s husband was very gratefully for her sudden improvements and decided to provided us with a video recording, telling us about their experience at BPIH. They returned for the second stage of her treatment after 2 months.

After Comprehensive Treatment for Pelvic Cancer at Beijing, China

Pelvic Cancer Treatment at BPIH, China


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