Patient Marisela Vera at Ruby Surgery & Aesthetics Clinic, Guadalajara, Mexico

HOSPITAL INNOVARE - AVENIDA VERONA #7412 Int 1, Fracc. Villa Verona, Guadalajara,Zapopan 45019, Mexico
Focus Area: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Latin America | Ruby Surgery & Aesthetics | Patient Testimonials | Facial Surgery & Minimally Invasive Procedures | Body Contouring Surgery Women & Men | Transgender Surgery MTF & FTM | Guadalajara | Mexico

Ruby Surgery & Aesthetics, Patient Testimonials, Brazilian Butt, Fat Transfer, Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery, Body Surgery, Guadalajara, Mexico

Patient Marisela Vera at Ruby Surgery & Aesthetics Clinic, Guadalajara, Mexico

Body Enhancement at Ruby® Surgery & Aesthetics, Guadalajara, Mexico

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