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I've always been an athlete. Almost every day since I was 16, I've worked out about 1-3 hours per day, with a healthy mix of cardio and weights. I've done rigorous and expensive programs, from hiring trainers, taking diet pills, to trying all kinds of equipment--in hopes that those last few fat parts my genetics gave me--love handles and a donut of fat around my waist--would finally go away. And after 7 years of stress, I could never just get the ring of fat around my back and waist to permanently leave.

So at 24 years old, it had become more difficult to balance work, exercise, and play. I gained weight despite going to the gym and playing ball everyday. I performed very well athletically, mixed it up with yoga and pilates, great diet, and even made sure to break a sweat every single day. But no matter what I did, I still never quite "looked" the part.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about Hi-Def. I was worried about "growing the fat back" and "recovery time". But only five months later...all I can say is that the procedure had changed my life in three amazing ways:

  • My workouts are both less stressful and more rewarding because I know I'm not worrying about the fat ever coming back. Just toning now. I see the results of my workouts immediately.
  • Eating is also less stressful because I don't bloat anymore and my torso skin is always effortlessly tight.
  • Although I've always had abs and been in great shape, having finally rid of the 'love handles' has made my silhouette look longer and leaner--that last part I needed to look good on the beach. Instead of looking like a rectangle from finally looks like a 'V'!

A few additional bonuses of Hi-Def I did not expect:

  • My pecs are permanently HUGE because of using my own fat--something I didn't really care about before, but glad was part of the procedure. A bigger chest looks better on men.
  • No weird skin distortions anywhere post-healing that you risk getting from traditonal lipo.
  • Holes and scarring from the vaser wand have completely dissapeared 7 months later--as if I never got the procedure done at all.

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