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Kemal Kartal from London, UK

I came to Istanbul, for treatment of my dental problems, together with my sister Adilah Karaman on 07-14 May 2009. I firstly and particularly thank to Mr. Ferhat of Hospitadent Public Relations Department.

While I was in London, I spoke to about ten of most prestigious dentists from Istanbul regarding my dental problems. However, I was still not convinced at the end. My most important personal concern was feeling of confidence and assurance. Mr. Ferhat has far better given that confidence and assurance to me.

After that, I can say that I have come to know the most respectful and kindest dentist I have ever known, Mr. Selcuk.

Dear Mr. Selcuk, you have made us, in our country, feel too much happy to describe. It has been three days now since we returned to London and we are quite happy of having met with a professional of your caliber. We would like you to know that we will confidently recommend you and your professional services to everybody.

Please accept our heartfelt appreciations and kindest regards.

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