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Our trip to see Dr. Gonzales and his crew far exceed our expectations. This was our first time going to Mexico for a cosmetic procedure, and needless to say we were very nervous and anxious about the quality and services we would receive. We have had previous procedures done in the US and the surgeons all said not to go to Mexico (we soon realized that this is just because they don't want to lose the business) This Mexican doctor is internationally certified and carries all the same credentials as the US surgeons.

When we arrived, we were greeted by our patient coordinator Pati. She was fluent in English, and is an amazingly friendly and caring person. She helped set our mind at ease as she took us to see the Dr. When we met him; he was very nice, courteous, and enthusiastic about what he could do for us. He is the most passionate Dr we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Once he had examined her in person, he offered to do more than we originally were quoted for, and he in fact did a lot of extras for us for no additional cost (this was a pleasant surprise as we were nickel and dimed to death in the US with extra costs). They included everything in the original quote, there were no surprises at the end, and it covered all medications and compression garments. We have to say that the Dr. was the friendliest doctor we have ever met. His bedside manner was better than many of the doctors we have met.

When we arrived we were picked up at the airport by Paty, and given a warm welcome. She spoke fluent English, and drove us from our hotel to our doctor appointments and back to the airport as needed. After leaving the airport, we were taken to the clinic where our operation was to occur the following day. It looked a bit primitive to us because we are used to the fancy expensive cosmetic surgery centers in the US.

One thing that people from the States must understand is that Mexico is a different culture and they have different architectural designs that are simple and primitive looking at first glance, compared to what we are used to. It is very easy to make a judgment that this difference in appearance suggests that there is a lower quality of medical care. Another important thing to mention is that most of the staff did not speak English, but because we had Paty, this was not a problem. What we discovered is that the doctor and the crew showed more concern for our safety and success than any doctor we have ever seen back home. They used state- of- the- art equipment, and they assigned a nurse to us 24 hours a day during the first two days of recovery in the clinic (we would have been sent home in the US and told to go the ER with any issues). This was amazing to us, as we have had surgeries back home where we were just ushered out the door and sent home with lots of anxiety and no one to call.

If any of you reading this have had cosmetic surgeries in the US then you know exactly what I am talking about in my last statement. The nursing staff at the clinic was clearly highly qualified, along with the anesthesiologist. There is also a very nice state of the art new hospital located just a few miles from the clinic, should any kind of emergency treatment be needed beyond what they could provide at the clinic. Our patient coordinator was available to us 24 hours a day and the Dr even gave us his personal cell number to call if we had issues or questions. Overall, our experience was excellent, the staff were all highly qualified, and we were treated in a manner that far exceeded our expectations. We plan to return for more work in the distant future.

We are both college educated working class professionals.

Jessica Harden

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