Surrogacy In Georgia Patient Testimonial

Center Name: In Vitro Fertility Clinic

Location: 2/6 Lubliana Str.
Tbilisi, Georgia
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Fertility Treatment Successful Story in Georgia

Surrogacy in Georgia Patient Testimonial

Surrogacy In Georgia Patient Testimonial

Our journey with surrogacy started like most people’s, with lots and lots of Internet searches, research and emails. We are a couple from Italy:  Filipo, 49 years old and Rosanna, 63, who were unable to have a baby and we had been trying to conceive through surrogacy agencies for a couple of years with no success. We gave up on the idea as it was causing us so much emotional stress but after six months of consideration we decided to give it one final try.  

For us it didn't' work the first time, or the second time or the third time. Each time it didn't work it was devastating and a huge blow financially and emotionally. There were times we considered throwing in the towel and it all seemed so incredibly upsetting and painful - we couldn't see how we could continue.

I wrote to many agencies during this time to gather information and to discuss my medical and geographical limitations. I received many responses mostly automated generic material that did not address any of my concerns, or treat me as an individual, some instantly asking me to sign a retainer and commit to an agency without ever speaking to a real person.

Only one medical tourism agency, PlacidWay, wrote me back a non automated non generic letter actually addressing my concerns and questions from an actual human being. They have suggested a very successful surrogacy clinic in Georgia, with happy outcomes for  many couples.

They assured me that there are very patient friendly laws in Georgia concerning surrogacy. By Georgian law, surrogate mother has no right on the baby and only the biological parents names are written on the birth certificate of the child.

Almost immediately they have sent me all the files concerning the surrogacy and donation procedure in their clinic so that you have a brief idea of how much it would cost and what are the basic steps. A thing that really caught my attention was that the price for IVF included  free 2nd transfer in case of negative result on first attempt. A really good news for a couple who had financial struggles after unsuccessful attempts.

Surrogacy in Georgia l PlacidWay Medical Tourism

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard that the clinic was in Georgia was that we had never been to Eastern Europe, we had no idea where to stay, how to get around or where to start with the whole process - everything seemed difficult, foreign and overwhelming.

Anyway, we decided to move forward with In Vitro Fertility Clinic in Tbilisi, Georgia. I have to say this was the single best decision we made during this process. It was clear when we met with the agent that managed our case that this was going to be more than a business relationship - this was a human relationship. We had so much on the line financially and emotionally it terrified us. We needed to know that the agency we were working with was going to be as invested in the process as we were. The surrogacy journey is challenging, there is no template or set format telling you how it will play out. It is different for every couple and our experience was not straightforward or easy. In fact looking back most of it was difficult. Agencies don't often tell you this. Why would they?

With the agent’s guidance and advice we decided to try one final time with a new surrogate. We gathered every last cent we had and flew to Georgia to have another try, knowing that the whole process would rise at approximately $32,400 USD.

We were strongly encouraged to have all tests previously done, so they could speed up the process, since we’ve been waiting for so long. Filipo had to do a series of test: hepatitis B, C, RW and HIV. Immediately after our arrival in Georgia, they enabled the sperm delivery process and just in case of necessity, they offered to freeze and store it. Also, they’ve announced us that by the time of our arrival we will be able  to choose potential candidates  for egg donation and surrogacy.

We were matched with the most wonderful woman and we knew instantly whatever happened on this final attempt we had the best team we could have had. If I could have handpicked the qualities for the woman to carry our baby - they already existed in the form of our incredible surrogate. She was extraordinary. So full of positivity and confidence that this would be our time - she swept us up bundled in her enthusiasm and carried us right to the day of our transfer. She packed our fears and doubts neatly away telling us they were no longer required now she was on the job. She was right. It was our time and our fourth try was successful - and we are expecting our twins to enter the world.

Also they were very attentive to the legal process as well. Although they didn’t personally know what laws were with the Italian government, they strongly advised us to contact our embassy in Georgia and find out as much details as it was possible. They told us that they have had couples from countries where surrogacy was illegal and they have managed to take child back home with their passports. However, they’ve warned us that as a clinic they can’t give 100% guarantee that everything goes smoothly with our own embassy. But they guaranteed us to provide all the necessary documents from their side in order to help us.

Our relationship with our surrogate mother and with the agency is more than we could have hoped for. Our lives have been enriched beyond measure. I simply don't know how anyone could settle for a relationship with an agency that was less than a deep personal connection where there is not an equal investment in an outcome.

One thing I know for sure is that long after the business side of things has come and gone - we will be left with a deep and lasting friendship with our surrogate, with the In Vitro Fertility clinic who helped us and with Placidway who guided us through a process that for so many years seemed beyond reach for us. Would I recommend In Vitro Fertility Clinic? Yes very highly.


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