Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico Patient Testimonial

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Cosmetic Surgery Mexico Patient Testimonial

Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico Patient Testimonial

“I am thrilled with the outcome and haven’t looked back on my decision once.”

Adrianna, Frisco City, Texas

Adriana, now aged 43, had considered breast augmentation surgery in her twenties, but ended up dismissing the idea when her partner at the time discouraged her from going ahead.

She says, “I was always unhappy with my A cup size, and after splitting with my partner, decided to go for it, as it was what I wanted.”

Owning a successful business in the medical field, Adrianna had a working relationship with the local hospital and she explains: “I wouldn’t have considered going anywhere else as I know how professional they are. Although when it comes to plastic surgery, people often make their decision based on adverts in glossy magazines or high profile names, but that is not the most important factor when considering a surgeon or hospital.”

First she saw one of the plastic surgeons at the hospital in Frisco and she discussed the look she wanted to achieve in her first consultation. She told that “I was almost sure about what I wanted but I was going to let myself be guided guided by my surgeon, as he is the expert. So I’ve decided I would like an hourglass figure but wanted to ensure I wouldn’t look silly, still wanting to maintain a natural look.”

In order to achieve her desired hourglass figure, it was recommended for Adrianna to also have a tummy tuck surgery. This was going to be done at the same time as her breast augmentation.

But before going ahead with the procedure, she came across a company, PlacidWay, that was focused on medical tourism. One of her customers was very pleased with the outcomes of her plastic surgery that was performed in sunny Mexico, in a medical facility recommended by the company.

Adrianna says: “She told me she could give me the contacts of the agent that helped her find the right cosmetic center. At first I was a bit suspicious, but afterwards I was thinking that it wouldn’t hurt just to ask around.”

“I told the agent that I was looking to undergo a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck procedure to achieve the much desired hour-glass figure. She was incredibly helpful and come up with many options, all very appealing. Finally, I’ve decided upon the Perfection Makeover and Laser Center, in Cancun, Mexico. The level of professionalism they’ve proven and the exotic location convinced me immediately. Not to say about the very convincing before and after testimonials, the outcomes being truly amazing.

Next thing I know, I was right away contacted by one of their agents that was assigned to my case. She started to explain the procedures. She assured me that they use cohesive gel implants that come with a warranty, and a very big plus was that they use an anesthesia that stays in the areas for a two to three week period which would have allowed me to continue with my activities.

Plastic Surgery Mexico

For the breast enlargement surgery, they told me they only use Allergan brand implants. These high cohesive silicone gel implants are commonly known as ¨gummy bear¨ implants. Also, the surgeons recommended me to stay there for at least 7 days following the procedure. This gave them time to follow up with me throughout the initial phase of recovery. I was warned that I will have restrictions regarding movement even after I return home. So they emphasised that it was essential that me follow my post surgical instructions in order to assure I will heal quickly and correctly. Good news was that in about 6 weeks, I should have been able to  resume all activities I participated in prior to the surgery.”

Talking about her breast implants, Adrianna says: “I did have some concerns about how big to go so my consultant encouraged me to try bras with different sized implants, to get a feel for what I preferred.”

“When I asked about the tummy tuck procedure, I was told that scarring could be moved down significantly, belly button could be reconstructed, fascia repaired to create a better form.

It is true that when I left home, I was decided to undergo just two cosmetic surgical procedure: a boob job and a tummy tuck. But the staff there made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Already knowing the budget I was going to spend, they told me that for $12,000 USD, besides the boob job and the tummy tuck, I could get  a vaginoplasty, a nose surgery and  Macs  Face Lift. The mommy makeover was done under one anesthesia and the facial procedures were done on another.”

One thing she acknowledges is “I have been pleased with how quickly I recovered from this massive amount of work.”

Post-procedure, Adrianna says: “I haven’t changed, meaning that I became more cocky knowing that I am way more attractive, but I must confess I just feel more confident, especially when it comes to wearing certain clothes such as swimwear and evening wear.”

Adrianna explains that having realistic expectations is important when considering cosmetic surgery. “Surgery won’t necessarily change your life. It can improve certain aspects and make you more confident, but you have to have realistic expectations. Saying that, I am thrilled with the outcome and haven’t looked back on my decision once.”

Prior to operation I had excessive loose, scarred abdominal and breast skin as well as no breast mass after breast feeding and daily workouts that brought my bodyfat down to just about nothing. Although these are major surgeries and there is a pretty significant recovery time and you must follow the post op instruction accordingly, the results make it worth all the way. Also, the beautiful surroundings help with your mood and well being, keeping your spirits up.”

“The results look so natural,” Adrianna adds, “that many acquaintances can't quite put their finger on why I look so good.” „I am more than pleased with my choice, and even if i was going to have just two procedures, the extra plastic surgeries have truly improved the quality of my life and I am more than thankful that my customer told me about PlacidWay and this way I discovered the very talented and friendly medical team at Perfection Makeover and Laser Center, helping me rediscover a more attractive and confident me.”

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