Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico Patient Testimonial

Center Name: Mexico Bariatric Team

Location: 201 Calle C 148 Segunda Secc., Segunda
Mexicali, Mexico
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Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico Patient Testimonial


In March of 2012, we came to Mexico Bariatric Team and Dr. Arellano to have gastric sleeve surgery. The reason we both decided to have surgery is because life being overweight was hard. Going to work was hard, waking up was hard, playing with our daughter was hard. We felt we were prisoners in our own bodies.

We came to Dr. Arellano because we heard so many good things about him and also had family referrals. The staff at Mexico Bariatric Team was very professional. I would do the procedure a million times over again.

I recommend Mexicali to everyone. The staff at Mexico Bariatric is very professional, the atmosphere is comfortable, the prices are affordable and Mexicali is safe contrary to what many people believe. If they are scared about the surgery I would just say if fear is what sends you back think about the fear you should have of living the life you are living right now, at the weight you are right now.

I know I was digging my own grave and that scared me enough to go through with this surgery. You know what? I would do it a million times over again. I can now go up to my bedroom without being short of breath, I can go play with my daughter in the park… it's totally different. I don't feel exhausted anymore. I am no longer falling asleep in the car because I couldn't sleep at night.

Again I'm telling people not to be afraid of surgery but of the lives they are living now. Don’t have second thoughts, just do it. There's a new life waiting for you.

We are grateful that PlacidWay and Mexico Bariatric Team helped us get the affordable care we needed. Up to now, I am surprised that I only spent USD $5,500 for the surgery. So far, life is good for us and we are still grateful.

Gabriel & Brenda


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