Obesity Surgery in Istanbul Turkey Review by Omer Yalcinkaya

Associated Center: Istanbul Bariatric Center
Terrace Fulya Residence Center 1 No:11 K:12 D:64 Tesvikiye Mah. Hakki Yeten Cad. Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey
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Affordable Weight Loss Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey by IBC

Here you can watch video about Mr. Omer Yalcinkaya's remarkable weight loss journey and how he got rid of obesity, diabetes and hypertension with just one surgery at Istanbul Bariatric Center (IBC) in Istanbul. Mr. Omer had been struggling with his weight for many years, feeling like no amount of dieting or exercise would help him to achieve the results he desired.

He had tried various methods, such as drastic dieting and extreme exercise regimes, but nothing seemed to be working for him. In desperation, he decided to take a more approach and sought the help of IBC Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. At IBC Clinic, Mr. Omer underwent an obesity surgery, and get improve his health condition drastically.

Now, he can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and take part in leisure activities. He also pays regular visits to the doctors at IBC Clinic for check-ups, medication and advice. Mr. Omer is very pleased with the successful results of his obesity surgery, and has written a testimonial to thank IBC Clinic. Check below video to learn more:

Why Choose Bariatric Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

Here are several reasons why you should choose weight loss surgery in Istanbul, Turkey:

  • Cost effective solution for obesity
  • Highly skilled bariatric surgeon
  • Low risk bariatric surgery
  • High success rate in Bariatric Surgery
  • World Class Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Comprehensive aftercare program
  • Experienced & certified medical team
  • Emphasis on patient safety
  • Advanced and minimally invasive bariatric procedures

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