Nose Surgery in Thailand Patient Testimonial

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Nose Surgery Abroad, Rhinoplasty Thailand, Nose Job Testimonial, Rhinoplasty Patient Testimonial, Bangkok, Thailand

Nose Surgery in Thailand Patient Testimonial

Nose Surgery in Thailand Patient Testimonial

Just like many others, I’ve been unhappy with my nose for years. I had the amazing opportunity to find out what it’s like to be bullied, hated, laughed at, as well as experiencing depression, insecurity, anxiety, and plenty of other things associated with unhappiness of your own looks. I first noticed my nose at the age of 12, when the bump started forming. Although I was quite clueless about why or what I was doing, I started turning my head sideways, using high exposure to make my face look smooth and hide the nose altogether. It completely destroyed any of the confidence I had, made me lock myself in my room for days and sit there devoid of any contact, except for the virtual one. It was bad enough to lead me to suicide thoughts and even attempts. At the age of 16, I first had the idea of getting rhinoplasty done, but seeing as I was quite young, it didn’t become anything more than an idea.

Now I’m 23, and last year I decided to finally end all of these self-esteems issues. Money is also an issue for me, as this procedure can be very expensive. That is why I went to Thailand to see a surgeon there, where the cost is much lower, after I have heard of many people having successful surgeries there.  Seeing that the amount of reviews is nothing compared to the ones American / English etc. doctors get, I was a bit uneasy, but I had all of my questions answered, the Dr.’s were very knowledgeable and were not pushy at all. They really helped me feel at ease, and I did read a lot of stories / advice on getting surgery abroad.

So, more about my “little” problem… I have a medium-sized bump, I can sometimes even feel pressure on it… scary! My biggest dislike is definitely my profile view, as it makes me look angry, which tends to scare people off. I’m not entirely sure if I’m dreaming, but it seems that my tip droops slightly when I smile. Also, my nose is quite long, and that creates a very neat effect of hanging low when I bow my head even slightly. I am not seeking perfection, whatsoever, generally I wanted to get the bump removed, and nose shortened.

So now to recovery… After the op I actually woke up feeling quite good, not in any pain! But I must say the next few days were the worst, not pain wise but just very uncomfortable. Your nose gets packed so you can’t breathe at all, you can’t eat properly because your lip is numb, and you have to sleep sitting up, so it’s very restless sleep every night. The next week was good after that, just a tiny bit of bruising, and obviously swelling.

After two weeks I returned back to work, I could then eat, breathe and smell properly. It’s still very tender even to this day after 6 weeks, so you just have to be careful not to hit it! But otherwise it’s just a waiting game until the swelling goes down and it’s only going to get better! I am grateful that PlacidWay and Nirunda Clinic in Bangkok helped me get the affordable care I needed. I am now happy with my look!

Cindy, America

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