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Plastic Surgery in SIngapore

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Singapore

Patient Testimonial

Why Did I Go For Breast Augmentation?

Since young, I have been humiliated for having small boobs. As I grew up, having always needed to wear padded bras got really uncomfortable – and with that, my consideration on having Breast Augmentation is firm.

I was fearful of going under the knife initially. But at the end of the day, to be who I really want to be, the fear must be overcome.

And now with the arising trends for plastic surgery in Singapore, I took a bold step going under the knife – in beautifying myself.

Consultation | Waiting Area

At Dr. Shenthilkumar Naidu Clinic, I like that every patient is ensured of confidentiality and privacy during visits. And so here I am at my little own space with curtains drawn while waiting for my consultation with Dr. Shens.

Breast Augmentation in Singapore Testimonial Consultation | Understanding The Different Types of Breast Implants

People come in all shapes and sizes, it’s one of the things that makes us different, makes us special. That’s why breast implants come in different shapes and sizes too, because not every person will want the same looking breasts after breast enhancement surgery.

There are two basic breast implant shapes: Round and Teardrop.
There is no need for a second consideration – it has to be the natural-looking Teardrop implants.

Consultation | Assessment

I was then told to get myself changed into a white body-hugging top – and it’s reeeaaally tight! The purpose for the tight top is to hold the breast implants in place to get a rough idea on the overall look of how they will turn out after surgery.

Having understood everything I need to know about Breast Augmentation procedure and all my enquiries answered – with the both of us on agreement on the final decision, it is finally time for the surgery.

Pre-Breast Augmentation Operative Instructions.

Prior to my breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Shens gave me list of pre-operative instructions. Not adhering to the instructions may cause problems during surgery and/or during your recovery, so of course, I was a really good girl on this.

Also, it is always important to let your surgeon know if you have been taking long-term medications – especially that I have anxiety disorder. This is to avoid complications during/after surgery. And so I diligently list out all of the medications that I have taken and are still taking.


The entire surgical team was very gentle and their hospitality makes everything at ease. Pre-surgery tests are made to ensure I am good for surgery.

Surgery and Post-Surgery

The anesthetist – Dr. Tan – is a very soft and gentle guy and handles the patient very well. He chatted with me and explained every single detail before he injected the anesthesia.
I was told later that anesthesia was also injected into the chest area from the top corners of chest areas so I won’t be feeling any pain around the surgery area – and it can last up to 3 days.

I woke up with biscuits and Milo served – and it felt like a feast. I haven’t had any food for more than 12 hours. After my meal and a short rest, I was taught a few arm exercises by the nurse for faster recovery and loosening of the tight muscles – from stretching of A/B to C/D. It started getting uncomfortable because the chest felt really tight when I stretched but I was told to do it religiously, no matter how painful it gets.

12th Week

My breast augmentation surgery has finally past the three months marking now.

My breasts have softened so much more, but still far from full recovery. There is nothing much I can do but repeating to myself, “be patient, be patient, and be patient.”

And comes the moment of truth ……… I went from A/B to C/D!

No more uncomfortable thick paddings!

It is worth the wait.

Vikki, Singapore

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