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Dr. Demian Glujovsky at CEGYR Viamonte 1432, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Treatment: Egg Donation + donor semen

My husband and I found Dr. Demián Glujovsky by searching the internet for fertility clinics, outside the United States. We read about his services and sent Dr. Demián Glujovsky an email requesting additional information. To our surprise he responded that day, within hours in fact. It took our previous doctor in New York City days, sometimes weeks, to return even a simple phone call. We felt his quick response and informative answers were a testament to his professionalism. He took a great deal of time answering our questions and giving us his very sound advise. We decided to travel to Buenos Aires to meet Dr. Glujovsky in person. We thought we would take a look at the clinic and chat with him personally to see if this is something we wanted to pursue. To say the least, he made us feel right at home. After a long chat, we realized he was more than a doctor, he was someone who actually cared about helping us get pregnant. Dr. Glujovsky was honest with us from day one, cared about the sensitivity of our needs and basically held our hands and reassured us that he was as committed as we were.

Dr. Glujovsky set everything up for our cycle so that it worked with the time we had in Buenos Aires. He organized several tests for both myself and my husband. He was able to pinpoint the problem that several New York City doctors and $30,000 hadn't found previously. He reassured us every step of the way, while also being honest about the chances of success. When our transfer was completed we headed back home, with our  fingers crossed. At home, we waited until we could do a pregnancy test, the whole time staying in contact with Dr Glujovsky via email. A few weeks went passed and the day came. It had worked, it had taken a 10 hour flight to find a doctor who was both compassionate and skilled enough to get us pregnant. We sent Dr. Glujovsky an email saying, "Thank you for changing our lives!" We are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy, who is very healthy and completely happy. We have planned to return for our second child very soon. We stay in contact with Dr. Glujovsky all the time. He has truly altered the course of our lives! I would and have recommend Dr. Glujosky to anyone who is in need of fertility help. Especially those who have tried in America's very expensive and very cold medical system without luck.

Patient name and country: Edward and Julia from USA.

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