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Patient Testimonial Rhinoplasty in Croatia

A lifelong wish came true after a rhinoplasty in Dr.Toncic's Cosmetic Surgery


I would like to thank to whole team of Dr.Toncic for making my lifelong wish of a beautiful nose come true.
Before the cosmetic surgery procedure I was particularly dissatisfied with a small bump on my nose which I got after I fell as a child.
I am more than satisfied with the results of the cosmetic surgery operation, because for the first time in my life my nose has an even and straight shape. The much-disliked bump has disappeared and the tip of the nose is somewhat thinner and softly shaped.
I would like to point out my speedy recovery, which enabled me to go about my everyday activities only a week after the cosmetic surgery procedure.
Long after the rhinoplasty procedure I felt like a great burden had been taken off my shoulders and I felt a positive impulse to continue with my private and business plans.
After this positive experience I can only regret not making this decision a long time ago, because I feel many things would have played out differently in my life had I done so.




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