Most Effective Breast Implants in Cali, Colombia

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Most Affordable Breast Implants in Cali, Colombia

To achieve a natural look that balances shape and proportion to the rest of your body shape, a breast implant should be carefully chosen. After all, size is not everything. Your chest structure should be able to support your new implants, and choosing a size too large than your frame can comfortably carry may look unbalanced, unnatural and even cause difficulties with posture. Discuss with your doctor the reasons for desiring breast implants before choosing one type or size over another.

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Popular Medical Centers

Dr. Edgar Vergara

Dr. Edgar Vergara

Cali, Colombia

Discover transformative beauty at Dr. Edgar Vergara plastic surgery clinic in Cali, Colombia. Elevate your confidence with expert care and stunning results.

Dr. Alex Pulido Plastic Surgery Clinic, nestled in the vibrant heart of Medellin, Colombia. Here, we blend the art of aesthetic enhancement with the highest standards of medical excellence.

  • Breast Lift from $4600
  • Tummy Tuck Surgery from $4600
  • Breast Reduction from $4700
  • Face Lift from $5500
  • Liposuction from $4000
  • Eyelid Surgery from $2500
Dr. Alvaro Uribe

Dr. Alvaro Uribe

Barranquilla, Colombia

Dr. Alvaro Uribe is located in Barranquilla, Colombia, and offers plastic and reconstructive surgery to local and international patients for over 8 years.

Felipe Castro Esguerra

Felipe Castro Esguerra

Bogota, Colombia

Dr. Felipe Castro Esguerra is a renowned Plastic Surgeon in Bogota, Colombia with an extensive experience in a variety of aesthetic plastic surgery procedures.

  • Tummy Tuck Surgery from $5000
  • Breast Augmentation from $3500
  • Liposculpture from $3500
  • Breast Lift from $4000
  • Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty from $3300