Professional dancer Ahsen explains how meniscus reconstruction and anterior cruciate ligament surgery saved her life and future career.

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Country: Turkey
Procedure: Orthopedic/Knee Surgery

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Meniscus Repair Treatment in Bursa, Turkey

Check below Video of Meniscus Repair Treatment in Bursa, Turkey. Find best and affordable Meniscus Repair Treatment at Turan Turan Health Group. Knee joint; It is the biggest joint of the body that carries body weight and can do many functions in everyday life like walking, packing stairs. Menisci, ligaments and tissues of cartilage in the common knee structure cooperate in perfect harmony. The causes of pain in knee, wounds, mechanical problems, different kinds of arthritis and similar problems can be said. Knee injury can affect ligaments or bags, full liquid with nicodan knees and bones, cartilage or ligaments. Front design of tears of tears of common problems with almost half of the knee injury. Leading crucified legal legal law; This is one of the 4 most important knee ligaments that control the front moving of the knee. Have symptoms such as listening to cracking or breaking knee (in injuries), knee swallow (on the knee of movement, greetings on knees, greetings in the uncertainty of the space knife. In the Knee community are called meniscus two C-shaped carialaginal structures in the form of letter C. There are symptoms such as pain, swallowing and fineness in the knee, feeling locked, opening the road, opening, running, squatting stairs.

This is a way of ahsen process, professionally dancer, started. With the sudden braking and falling of the bus on which he rode, his first cruciate ligament jumped up and shot down the meniscus. You can watch Ahsen's healing process and the story of healing in our video.

Why choose Meniscus Repair Treatment in Bursa, Turkey by Turan Turan Health Group 

For Meniscus Repair or related treatments Turan Tutan Health Group is one of the recommended treatment centre in turkey. The Turan Health Group gives trend setting innovations (robotic medical procedure, O-Arm spine medical procedure representation, foundational microorganisms, microsurgery, and so forth) that decrease blunder rates for specialists and experts in quicker and less difficult recuperation after medical procedure. Our primary care physicians, who utilize the innovative strategies utilized in a medical procedure, have a culture of consistent clinical instruction. They dominate in clinical practice and have insight in excess of 1000 robotic activities. Our exceptionally prepared and experienced quality-situated specialists support our primary care physicians well overall. The premise of our administrations is logical discipline, ideal gear and collaboration of qualified staff. Our muscular specializations are; Robotic knee substitution, undifferentiated organism treatment, arthroplasty, arthroscopy, sports a medical procedure, hand a medical procedure, foot and lower leg medical procedure, spine medical procedure, pediatric muscular health, muscular injury medical procedure and muscular oncology.

We established our Robotic Center in 2016, and from that point forward we have performed in excess of 1,000 effective knee and hip endoprostheses. Our virtual preoperative careful arranging permits patients to lead a functioning way of life, a more limited recuperation time and a more normal feeling of attachment. As the principal group to effectively involve these new methods in Turkey, we are pleased to have the option to offer trend setting innovation in understanding focused care for joint replacement surgery at an affordable price.

How to Book Meniscus Repair Treatment in Bursa, Turkey

Turkey is  one of the Best spot for Meniscus Repair Treatment or any kind of treatment. If you notice the aforementioned anterior cruciate ligament rupture and symptoms of meniscus rupture, you can contact us. We are here for you if you need any kind of information. Call us or Contact us by pressing the button below for furthur information:

Meniscus Repair Treatment in Bursa, Turkey by Turan Turan Health Group

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