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Affordable Package for Alcohol Treatment San Jose by Costa Rica Recovery

Check below Video of Best Package for Alcohol Treatment San Jose Costa Rica. Make your reservation now at Costa Rica Recovery. We are arranged in the Costa Rica capital San Jose, Costa Rica Recovery (CRR) is easy to get to. This clinic has a strong English-talking medical staff, and set is in a wonderful environment, and financially sharp procedure. We are authorized by IAFA (Instituto de Alcoholismo y Farmacodependencia) as Alcohol and Drug Treatment rehabilitation center and consistently regard the honors of our patients. Read beneath for more information about our Package for Alcohol Treatment in San Jose, Costa Rica by CRR:


  • Individual and group education on addictions and related topics.
  • Psychological, physical, emotional and social chemical evaluations
  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Individual and group therapy
  • individual psychological counseling
  • Treatment brochures, workbooks, etc.
  • 24 hours 7 days supervised life
  • laundry facilities
  • 3 meals per day
  • Transportation to meetings; other treatment sites
  • Bed linen, towels
  • Recreational excursions such as the beach, park, mountains, amusement park.
  • Yoga and gym exercises.
  • Individual and group education on addictions and related topics.


  • Outpatient medical and dental services.
  • Psychiatric consultation.
  • Non-standard psychological tests.
  • Recipes.
  • Lab tests.
  • Personal hygiene items: shampoo, toothpaste, clothes, etc.
  • Snacks, cigarettes.
  • References NA / AA
  • Transportation for personal needs.
  • Cost of optional recreational opportunities.
  • Phone calls.

Pre Op Test:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Urine sample culture
  • EKG
  • Full medical history

Definition of Alcohol Addiction Treatment San Jose

We offer clients an opportunity to recuperate from addiction and liquor misuse. We attempt to lay out an environment where our clients can learn about themselves, live it up, snicker together, and begin the recuperation interaction without agonizing over the weights of life at home. Our private treatment costs simplify it for our clients to pay.

Why Choose Alcohol Treatment in San Jose, Costa Rica by Costa Rica Recovery

The following are a few reasons why choosing Alcohol Treatment in San Jose, Costa Rica by CRR:

  • Intensive group therapy with peers
  • Individual counseling with addiction counselors.
  • Individual counseling with a psychologist.
  • Daily visits to the gym.
  • Good food and nutritious snacks.
  • Pick up at the airport.
  • Meeting transportation in 12 steps
  • A guided journey of self-discovery
  • Fun outings and freedom to be independent as treatment plan goals are met.
  • learn to have fun again
  • An unforgettable experience!

Book Affordable Alcohol Treatment in San Jose, Costa Rica Now!

Top Package for Alcohol Treatment San Jose gives you all the conveniences you want! Ensure that you do a consultation now to get more inside and out information. Go ahead and press the button beneath to connect with our client support:

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Alcohol Treatment San Jose Video by Costa Rica Recovery

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