Tabash Dentistry (Endoservicios SA) in San Jose, Costa Rica Reviews from Real Patients

Tabash Dentistry (Endoservicios SA) in San Jose, Costa Rica Reviews from Real Patients

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Centro Comercial Boulevard Lindora, 147
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About Tabash Dentistry (Endoservicios SA)

Tabash Dentistry, located in San Jose, Costa Rica, is commitment to provide top cosmetic dentistry procedures to all patients, combining excellence in every work executed with special care on every dental work. Tabash Dentistry offers Dental Implants, Endodontic procedures, Oral Surgery, Periodontics, and Opalescence Whitening bringing you confidence on your smile.

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Dentistry Reviews in San Jose, Costa Rica at Tabash Dentistry (Endoservicios SA)

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    Professionalism and attention to detail at the best level !!! Excellent experiences for many years of being a client. Totally stisfecho !!!

    Google May 08 2020
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    The clinic of Dr. Alberto Tabash was recommended to me by my friends, who underwent treatments 2 years ago and were very satisfied. I contacted the doctor, sent him the pictures and we discussed the whole treatment. The plan included the following work:
    Full oral rehabilitation
    25 Porcelain veneers
    2 implants
    2 crowns with abutment and screw supported by implant
    We made the first part in November 2019. I came to Costa Rica for 2 weeks and the doctor met my stay. I was supposed to return in March 2020, but due to the pandemic, the borders were closed. I had to wait a whole year and flew in November 2020. The doctor and his team planned the entire treatment perfectly. All members of his team are very professional, always in a good mood and you will feel and appreciate all the care and kindness of these people! They became my friends and in their environment I felt like a circle of very close people.
    The price for all treatments is much cheaper than in Canada and America.
    In addition, you can go and relax between treatments.
    The clinic provides a driver who meets and escorts you at the airport, and you can also arrange for the driver to take you for treatment from your place of residence. It will be safe!
    And also one more good news about which I learned, that you can do Botox in the clinic. I tried it and was very pleased with the result. At the end of the treatment, you will come out not only with a beautiful smile, but also with a beautiful face! I recommend everyone to undergo treatment at the clinic of Dr. Alberto Tabash!

    Google May 08 2021
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    Carlos M R

    Incredible service from all the professionals who work there, they really care about the well-being of the person, the quality and the price are too good, 100% recommended

    Google Apr 01 2022
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    Much improved and satisfied with the dental treatment carried out by the TaEs dental clinic. El plan dental fue planeado y ejecutado con precision teniendo en cuenta el trabajo a realizar, el costo y las expectativas del patiente. The team of Dr. Tabash Espinach is of first category.

    His many professional skills and realizaron mi tratamiento dental con cuidado y atención al detalle para lograr un trabajo dental de apariencia natural. El Dr. Tabash y su equipo utilizan los better dental materials to guarantee that his reversal lasts muchos años con el cuidado de hygiene dental.

    Mi attention dental fue planned teniendo en cuenta los mínimos inconvenientes sobre todo si vienes del extranjero. The TaEs clinic receives a maximum recommendation for its excellent treatment.
    My smile and my gratitude say it all.

    Google Sep 15 2022
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    Excellent service and professionalism! prompt attention, excellent equipment and cleaning space.
    Dr. Tabash made me a root canal for bad previous work done by another dentist and never again had no discomfort. Super Recommended!

    Google Mar 17 2020
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    I visited Dr. Tabash in November and he did an amazing job! I had 9-10-11-2 removed, bone graft, gum graft, and implants installed on 9-10-11. I had to wait for number 2 because there was heavy bone loss. Dr. Tabash was able to do all procedures quickly with very minimal pain. Almost could not tell what stage in the procedure he was in and before I knew it, he was done. I had a minor issue, but he was on call and took me in right away.

    It has been 7 months now, and with the recent coronavirus I was forced to go to a local dentistry. They applauded the job that Dr. Tabash did and was able to continue the work locally. Dr. Tabash used standard implants, so my local dentist had no issue ordering the abutment. The bone graft and the gum graft are perfect, and I did not have to undergo that procedure again.

    I wish I could continue the procedure with Dr. Tabash because he has saved me a lot of money.

    Maybe in the future! Thanks again

    Google Feb 02 2021
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    I had several dental procedures done in Tabash Dentistry. Implants, Crowns and Veneers. Dr. Alberto Tabash is not only a fantastic Dentist, but also a truly caring Doctor that is so scarce to find in the USA these days. His very talented and caring team will leave a forever pleasant impression once you are finished your visit with them. All you need is to bring to them any concerns that you had with your teeth and if you never got a satisfying results anywhere else here with this Doctor and his team you will find all you have been desperately wanted to get for you teeth care. I found the offices in Tabash Dentistry very clean, with the highest international dental SAFETY protocol observed by each and every individual working in that office. And finally you do not have to break the bank to have your biggest happy smile, your total fees and travel cost altogether will be still 50% less than what you will spend to get the same procedure done in US. Muchas gracias Alberto, Cindy, Adriana y Valeri por todo!

    Google Feb 08 2021
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    I have known the Clinic and Dr. Tabash for several time, I have always felt very well, very professional and excellent results in the treatments carried out. My confidence in this true service is very great. I thank you very much!

    Google Feb 10 2021
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    Great team, great service, great results! Need I say more? I would not trust any other team with my dental needs as much as I do this one. They are personable, listen to you, work with you and accommodate all your needs, while delivering top of the line results. One of the most important traits of this team is that they take pride on what they do, that makes them very thorough. Finally, they are conscientious of your time but do not cut corners to speed the process, that is a fine art. I fully recommend you to visit them!

    Google Jul 23 2021
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    Jaime P

    Dr. Tabash is an excellent professional. I was so happy with the results, I have recommended him to family and friends. I have gotten A rated service for dental procedures at a fraction of what I would have paid in the US.

    Jun 09 2019