Dentavac Dental Clinics in San Jose Costa Rica Reviews About Dentists From Real Patients

Dentavac Dental Clinics in San Jose Costa Rica Reviews About Dentists From Real Patients

San Rafael de Escazu
Price range:: $70 to $11000
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About Denta Vac Dental Clinic Costa Rica

Denta Vac Dental Clinic Costa Rica strives to offer its patients the highest quality care in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontology, oral surgery, dental hygiene and dental implants. Our professionals in dental health have graduated from top national and international universities and provides patients with top quality services combine with the opportunity to enjoy Costa Rica.

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Dental Implants in San Jose, Costa Rica Reviews at Dentavac Dental Clinic

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    Dentavac Dental Clinic in Costa Rica is a perfect choice for Americans wanting to receive dental treatment abroad. They provide a comprehensive consult before arrival, assist you in selecting lodging, pick you up from the airport, and shuttle you to and from all of your appointments. Dr. Sibaja and her team do an amazing job at making you feel comfortable. They are honest, up front and provide world class dental care. I would highly recommend seeking their services for all of your dental needs.

    Google Feb 13 2020
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    Dentalvac Climc is more than your every day one stop dental clinic. From the moment you arrive you can sense a feeling of warmth and professionalism.
    Their work is exceptional and I am completely satisfied and highly recommend their services to all .
    Thanks Dentalvac for always being there for my dental needs. 14 years and counting

    Google Mar 09 2020
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    Outstanding experience! I can’t say enough good things about the level of professionalism and quality of care I experienced at Dentavac dental clinic. I arranged my first appointment while still in the States and as soon as I entered their clinic in Escazu I was greeted by a team of doctors that had reviewed my case and who each worked with me throughout the process performing the various procedures involved in my full mouth restoration. The materials and procedures used were all state of the art and would rival any of the most reputable, higher end dental clinics in the states. And that’s from first hand experience because I had consultations with a couple before turning to Dentavac for my procedures. Because of the onsite equipment and their own local lab the costs were a fraction of those in the US, shockingly less, plus it allowed for more customization of my implants/veneers. But what really makes Dentavac stand out is the amount of time and the quality of care I was given by the doctors and staff. Everyone speaks English beautifully and the quality of care given so freely at Dentavac is something that you simply don’t see anymore in the US, or something that you rarely can find anymore. I may have come in as a client but when I left I felt like part of the family. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering potentially costly dental procedures or if you just simply need an excellent dentist in Costa Rica. A+++

    Google Mar 12 2020
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    DentaVac is an outstanding team of highly skilled dentists, technicians and support personnel. I highly recommend them over any US dentists I have ever had treat me. The cost estimate from my US dental office was 35k for the same work I had done by traveling to Costa Rica to have the work done by DentaVac Dental clinic professionals for just a bit over 10k. Plus I opted to have my crooked bottom teeth bonded and got several porcelain veneers on my top teeth. I love my teeth and smile so much now and especially the whitened color! Best part was no pain at all. None. The drill never bothered me either as I was well anesthetized. I also had a nice vacation when I was not in the dental chair. I had 12 of my 30 yr old porcelain crowns replaced with much stronger zirconium crowns. All this done over a 2 week period. Now, I admit I had very good dental hygiene and did not need gum work or implants but my friends who told me about DentVac did and they had such a good experience they recommended DentaVac to me. All the dentists speak English and the clinic’s wonderful driving team even picks you up at the airport and everyday at your hotel so no need to worry about transportation. Thank you Dr. Baez, Dr.Acosta and Dr. Chaconne best cosmetic dentist! for my now gorgeous teeth. Would give you all 10 stars if I could!

    Google Apr 17 2020
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    Dentavac Dental Clinic is a gem with doctors and staff that offer the best service and dental work that you can receive for half the price of that in the USA! I was on vacation in St Thomas while my front veneer broke in half, and I was going coincidentally to Costa Rica afterwards. Someone on the island recommended Dentavac Dental Clinic in San Jose and once I reached out to them, they organized everything for me Including all the car transfers to and from their office. Their office is equipped with super modern and latest machines, everyone is super efficient, knowledgeable and everyone also speaks English. I was truly impressed and incredibly grateful for the amazing work Dr Luis Baez has done on my front veneer, trying to find the best possible solution for me that is also long lasting. They also made a night guard for my teeth that truly has changed my life and I’m very thankful for all of their hard work on my very specific case. I whole heartedly recommend this clinic to anyone who is looking to do small or big work on their teeth. I will definitely travel to Costa Rica next time I need to do any dental work and get a vacation out of it as well! Thank you all so very much!

    Google May 28 2020
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    January 13, 2020Palm Beach, United States
    My name is Joe, I live in Palm Beach, Florida am used to having the best of care. My wife is a dental Hygienist so I am very well versed in dental procedures. I say this to let you know that it takes a lot to make me sit down and write a review. I am writing this because I figured anyone who takes the time to research particular clinics are serious. I FOUND A DIAMOND!!! It goes without saying that I am happy with the procedures. The reason I am writing this is because those of us who are adventurous enough to go to a foreign country to get medical treatment already know that it is less expensive and that the work is typically good same as in most countries,some better than others, my implants feel good and I am as happy as I can be with temps. What I REALLY want you to know is the level of care and compassion I recieved at this clinic, I have never been this well taken care of by and group of people, be it medical, barber, car dealer etc.. in my life! From the moment they took a last minute patient until the hour prior to returning to USA I was treated as though I was the patriarch of that whole office. From the front desk to the Doctors to the lady cleaning the floors everyone was fabolous. They even had a driver pick me up and return me to airport (at no charge) to picking me up every time I had an appointment as well as driving me by the store so I could buy frozen treats. The hotel they recommended brought me frozen cold packs at night where I slept in clean and inexpensive room. The doctor sat down and explained charges COMPLETELY no switch baiting. I could go on and on about how kind my Doctor was not to mention beautiful, had to mention it. You get the idea. Treat yourself to a dental spa you worked hard for ir and deserve the best. Joe Clements

    Google Jan 21 2021
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    I have been to Dentavac twice in the last two years for extensive work on my top front six teeth. Here in Florida the cost to replace them and the surgery for a gum infection would had set me back close to $40k. I was very skeptical of going into a different country to get dental work. But, I am glad that I did. I found Dentavac online and from the initial contact with their office I felt comfortable. They are very attentive and caring. They also provide shuttling services and hotel recommendations to make it easier, in case you do not want to drive there, I rented a car and booked my own hotel in San Jose the first time and in Jaco Beach the second time. When I arrived at their office, they made me feel welcome and safe. The best part was unlike the states they did not offer or push any other services other than what I needed to get done. The final product in my mouth was phenomenal. I could not be any happier. Thank you staff! Especially, Dr. Acosta and Dr. Gaby! I also had a great three week vacation between both trips, for a fraction of the cost here in the states. Highly recommend!

    Google Jan 14 2021
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    I found Dentavac service to be very professional, efficient and thorough. I was able to have multiple procedures done in one place, with dental professionals who were skilled in their field. The cost was affordable, compared to the US. The staff was very friendly. I highly recommend Dentavac for all dental procedures.

    Google Feb 24 2021
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    After doing my research, and having been referred to Dentavac, I chose this office for my implants and other dental work. Fling internationally for dental work was a little scary but well worth the service and quality care I received. You can not get this service and amount of work done in the states.

    Google Feb 01 2021
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    I have been to Denta Vac three times now from CT, USA and am very happy with them. Hazel is wonderful and will help you through the whole process from what you will need to get there and home to where to stay, the weather at that time of year and even help you through bouts of homesickness if you are alone and stressed. She is fabulous and I cant see how I would be able to handle the whole process from start to finish without her. Juan their driver is a sweetheart and gets you where you need to be despite not speaking much English. Dr Baez was so nice and down to earth and made the process and arrangements for the different dentists to be there during my stay to get the work done during the five days we had planned. He then made sure I was okay and that I got to the hotel to rest. I had all my top teeth removed and 5 implants put in. I love them there. All of them. After being homesick while there I actually missed everyone when I got home. I am looking forward to my next visit in 4 months. And Costa Rica is an absolute paradise it has everything you could want to experience from Volcanoes to tropical forests and beautiful wild life and beaches.

    Google Jul 28 2021