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Medstom Dental Center in Sofia, Bulgaria Reviews from Real Patients

6, Stefan Stambolov st. Sofia Sofia
26,Knyaz Aleksandar Dondukov blv. ,Sofia
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About Medstom Dental Center

Medstom Dental Center has a wide range of Dentistry treatments and procedures, such as: dental implants, dental crowns, dental veneers, dental bridges, dental fillings, root canal, teeth whitening, tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction and many more. The dental care center offers affordable prices and featuring cutting-edge technology and a renowned team of dental specialists welcomes patients from all around the world.

Dentistry Reviews in Sofia, Bulgaria at Medstom Dental Center

  • Vasil

    I am very pleased with the dentists and especially with Dr. Eldaris, who saved a few of my son teeth from surgery.

    Google May 05 2021
  • Polya

    The clinic is great. I have trusted them for 10 years

    Google Apr 20 2021
  • Gergana

    Very quality service and good professionals! I am extremely pleased with Dr. Sagir. He is a careful, perfectionist and dentist whom you can definitely trust. I have been his patient for years and I am grateful for everything he has done.

    Google Apr 22 2021
  • noni

    great professionals!

    Google Apr 07 2021
  • Daniela

    I am extremely pleased with the clinic. Modern equipment and good specialists. Special thanks to Dr. Dyulgerov who is a very good specialist and with a perfect attitude towards patients

    Google Mar 24 2022
  • Zdravko

    I have been a patient of the clinic since 2008 and I am extremely pleased with the doctors there. Professional attitude and extremely kind. We even continued friendly relations with some of them

    Google Sep 29 2021
  • Stela

    The clinic has high quality modern equipment! I am extremely pleased with Dr. Daniel Dyulgerov, a true professional and very patient with his patients!

    Google Feb 19 2021
  • Denislav

    I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Daniel Dyulgerov for the wonderful attitude.
    I am very pleased with his professionalism. My treatment was painless, fast and high quality, at a very high level and at extremely good prices. I would recommend Medstom Dental Clinics to anyone in need.

    Google Jan 20 2021
  • Viktor

    Wonderful clinic, I am very pleased with the services and attitude of others. Daniel Dyulgerov! A true professional!

    Google Feb 04 2021
  • Pepi

    I highly recommend Dr. Mohamed Fadi. Extremely patient, detailed and meticulous in his work. At the beginning of May, just after the Easter holidays, a hell of a toothache started and my gums swelled. I was recommended to the clinic and I went without first knowing the doctors or the clinic itself. I was greeted very kindly. Then Dr. Fadi took up the case and began treating the nerve, requiring removal and so on. I was cleaning the canals several times, so they took pictures of me to see if everything healed properly. During this time, I also cleaned a pocket on one of my teeth, also very carefully and in detail. For more complex manipulations I think this is the right person. Firstly, that he explains everything in great detail, secondly, that he has the patience to do it and thirdly, the professionalism with which he works. Good luck to such young doctors.

    Google Jul 21 2021

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