Starlight Dental Clinic in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Reviews From Patients

Starlight Dental Clinic in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Reviews From Patients

24 Thao Dien Street, Thao Dien Ward District 2 Ho Chi Minh City
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About Starlight Dental Clinic

Starlight Dental Clinic is a leading dental care service provider in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam offering kids dentistry, general dentistry, orthodontics, surgery implants, cosmetic dentistry and dental tourism.

Dental Implant Reviews in Saigon, Vietnam at Starlight Dental Clinic

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    Good service

    Google Oct 24 2019
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    Professional, friendly dentist and staff. Beautifully decorated with calming and relaxing environment. Definitely one of the best place in Saigon.

    Google Aug 22 2019
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    I was holidaying in Vietnam. I already had my implant done here in NZ Dr Peter Hill . As I was going to be in Saigon for three days, I investigated getting my crown inserted on to my implant. I conducted a lot of research and settled on contacting Starlight.
    I setup an appointment an hour after arrival in Saigon. I was attended too by Dr Ha. 24 hours later I had my crown and a new smile - this was half the cost of doing same here in NZ, and although I was a bit nervous of outcome, procedure and professionalism, I am pleased to report all went extremely well. I am 110% happy and would highly recommend Dr Ha and the team at Starlight.

    Google Jul 23 2020
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    excellent dental clinic. friendly staff.

    Google May 13 2020
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    All staff were friendly, helpful and spoke good English.

    Great service and clean clinic !
    Thank you!

    Google Apr 26 2022
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    The family dental clinic - Thats all I can describe about Starlight. Hardly can you find a clinic that provides many dental services with up to date equipment like Starlight. Being a mom with 2 kids makes me busy all the time. So it was an enchanted when found out such professional clinic that suitable for 3 of us. The diligent dentist whose name is Thao can listen well to my request and know how to communicate with my sons. Instead of freaking out they are now willing go to the clinic for regular check up. Both clinic in D2 and D3 are excellent, easily to find and their profesional service customer will never let you down.

    Google Feb 08 2021
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    I go to my teeth about 3 times a year or less because I have a very good sense of dental care. However, once I brought a family member to visit a molar inflamed due to an ingrown wisdom tooth, I witnessed the very modern radiology, dental checkup equipment, tooth marrow, just like a hospital. profession. Although the clinic is modest, it has a strong team of dentists, each undertaking a separate task and expertise, not just general dentists like other popular clinics. I am very reassured to bring my family here.

    Google Jan 19 2021
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    Starlight Dental, a standard clinic at Park International School. I have read and followed many comments comparing the quality of service between many clinics in Ho Chi Minh City. But after the experience I am still most satisfied Starlight Dental. With a team of highly specialized physicians, machinery, modern equipment. The functional clinics are clearly divided, each doctor has a separate examination area, which includes both radiographs and modern tooth structure shaping devices. Up to 70% of the customers I met at Starlight are foreigners, proving how prestigious the dentistry is.

    Google Jan 29 2021
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    I have had all 4 wisdom teeth removed here using local anesthesia, but not all at once, i had 2 removed at a time. The surgeon is masterful. It took only 20 minutes to remove 2 teeth. I felt nothing during the procedure.The clinic is very clean and up to the highest standards. I

    Google Jan 12 2021
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    Really professional, friendly & careful work. Explained clearly what was required. Very sensitive to my comfort. Great dentist.

    Google Dec 21 2021