Klinik Pergigian Melawati in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Reviews From Dental Patients

Klinik Pergigian Melawati in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Reviews From Dental Patients

36a, Jln Bandar 3, Tmn Melawati, 56000 KL Kuala Lumpur
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About Klinik Pergigian Melawati

Klinik Pergigian Melawati has a wide range of Dentistry treatments and procedures, such as: dental implants, all on 4 dental implants, all on 6 dental implants, all on 8 dental implants, dental crowns, dental veneers, dental bridges, dental fillings, orthodontics, root canal, teeth whitening, tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction and many more. The dental care center offers affordable prices and featuring cutting-edge technology and a renowned team of dental specialists welcomes patients from all around the world.

Dental Implants Reviews in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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    Dr illi is friendly to my daughter.
    She is not afraid to go to dentist anymore

    Google Mar 08 2021
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    Good exprience.. good staff and doctor...
    Nice price and get more discount.

    Google Mar 18 2021
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    First time to this Dentist. Service was good, staff were friendly and helpful. Dr gave a very clear explanations abt my actual dental problem was. Clinic is clean. Highly recommended.

    Google Apr 21 2021
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    Went there just now. The reception is good. Even the doctor is good. She checked my teeth and start explaining what is wrong. Then she start the treatment. All in good. If you’re planning to come here, In Shaa Allah puas hati. Harga pun berbaloi. Tadi tampal gigi yang dah banyak kali tercabut, so lubang dia agak besar lah dalam RM190. Range harga tampal dr RM100 - RM350.

    Call je receptionist, In Shaa Allah angkat

    Google Jul 02 2021
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    Recommended...harga murah...service terbaik! Dr sgt professional n explain in detail.. I did minor surgery and everything went so well.. thanks dr

    Google Oct 13 2021