BioM Dental Clinic in Mumbai, India Reviews From Dental Patients

BioM Dental Clinic in Mumbai, India Reviews From Dental Patients

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194, Prem Jeevan 7th road Khar west Mumbai Maharashtra
Focus Area: Bio M Dental | Dental Implants | Full Mouth Restoration | Tooth Whitening | Root Canal Treatment | Digital Smile Design | Mumbai | India

About Bio M Dental

Bio M Dental is a new science-based clinic located in Mumbai, India. They provide a wide range of top-notch dental care solutions such as Dental Implants, Full Mouth Restoration, Instant Tooth Whitening, Anti-Aging Dentistry, Root Canal Treatment, Biomimetic Dental Treatment, Microscope Precision Dentistry, Painless Dental Anesthesia, Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy and Digital Smile Design.

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Dental Treatment in Mumbai, India Reviews

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    Very good expertise, friendly staff, overall good place

    Google May 31 2022
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    I have been to several dentists in U.P. before ending up at Sparsh clinic. All of them suggested root canal+ crowning is the only option to save the tooth. But in my mind i knew that Biomimetics are way better alternative than traditional root canal therapy. Thus, chose to do Biomimetic treatment at Sparsh clinic since it is the only Biomimetic facility in India that is certified by AOBD(USA).
    During consultation Dr. Rinku Jain explained my problem effectively. She has also explained impact of oral hygiene and tooth structure on lifestyle and facial structure, respectively. But, based on my X-ray reports infection had already spread in canals. So agreed to do root canal+Biomimetic filings.
    Treatment took around 2:30-2:45hrs. It takes much more patience and effort to do biomimetic fillings, all to preserve natural state of tooth as much as possible. As an IITian, I have admiration for people who take their work seriously and consistently try to learn new ways to improve their work. Doctors should be aware of state of the art in research segment, but these are rare traits in India. Fortunately, Dr. Rinku Jain seems like one of them. During the treatment she made the call that tooth might be saved without root canal. Thus, proceeded with Biomimetic fillings only. She tried to preserve natural state as much as possible, even though I had already agreed and paid for Root canal+BioM. Got my refund for root canal. As the name suggests it’s truly BioM clinic which tries to preserve natural tooth as much as possible and doesn’t make patient spend money on avoidable treatments. Her decision was right, seems like my molar teeth is recovering well with self-healing abilities of Biomimetic materials. It looks natural and feels natural.

    Google Jun 30 2022
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    very professional and friendly did a great job thanks

    Google Jul 15 2022
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    We all may know Dr.Dinesh Jain for being a dermatologist..but I would like to share my Husband Diabetics reversal experience . ALL THANKS TO DR.DINESH JAIN.
    We had visited Dr. Dinesh Jain for the treatment of Diabetics through a friends reference.
    It was a three months treatment given to my Husband who was chronic diabetic.
    With Dr.Jain excellent treatment and the strict diet given with the set of exercises my husband diabetics was reversed within three months .
    DR.Jain...I cant thank u enough..
    Ur treatment has made wonders and helped us having a better lifestyle .

    Google Jul 09 2022
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    I highly recommend Dr. Rinku for all dental treatments without anesthesia and pain. Her warmth and empathy with patient is a hallmark of the treatment.

    Google Jul 09 2022
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    Got my Biom fillings done and extremely happy with the results.

    Google Jan 03 2021
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    Dental Treatment is beyond Expectation One could not even Imagine " Dr Rinku Jain is GODDESS of DENTISTRY"

    Google Jan 18 2021
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    My mother in law who is aged 81 had undergone root canal under Dr.Rinku Jain....she is very happy with the doctor work who did her 2 root canal without giving anesthesia .she did not experience any pain till date.The doctor has got magical hands and advanced machines to tackle the dental problems.Soothing environment, caring and enthusiastic assistants and of course doctor's caring nd dedicated work strongly recommends Dr.Rinku Jain fr all the dental issues...Thanks Doctor.

    Google Jan 20 2021
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    Thanks Dr Rinku for helping me to keep my oral hygiene in the best shape...I would recommend Dr Rinku Dental clinic as she does fantastic and detail oriented dental work...

    Google Mar 31 2021
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    Dear Dr. Rinku and the entire staff of Sparsh Clinic. I had a great treatment and happy that my trip to Mumbai was very fruitful. Highly recommend Dr. Rinku for her Best Dental treatment without any Anaesthesia or pain .

    I had So many fillings and 4 surgeries but i almost recovered the same day

    Dr. has explained me about the significance of doing treatment under the microscope and i strongly recommend the same to everyone that under the microscope the feeling of perfection which i have got is so perfect.

    Also its been 4 years that i am seeing different dental surgeons for the same problem but i am glad my prayers are finally heard and i am completely recovered

    Thank you so much Dr

    Google Jul 15 2021