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Polyclinic Markov Reviews in Murter, Croatia

Nerezine bb, 22243 Murter, Croatia
Focus Area: Markov Clinic | Polyclinic Markov | Hotel Pension Murter | Murter | Croatia | Spine Care | Rehabilitation

About Polyclinic Markov

Polyclinic Markov with Hotel Murter is the best rehabilitation and spine treatment clinic in Murter, Croatia. A modern center for happiness and life quality improvement!

Alternative Medicine,Anti Aging,Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery,Detox,General Medicine,Rehabilitation,Rehabilitation and Medical Spa Treatment,Skin Care,Spine Care/Surgery,Sports Medicine Reviews in Murter, Croatia

  • Marijeta G

    I give warm recommendations to all those who feel broken and cannot get out of bed in the morning due to pain and weakness due to problems in their back, leg or even arms. Don't hesitate a bit because the longer you wait, the harder it is for yourself!!

    Polyclinic Markov Nov 24 2022
  • Andrija K

    Professional and excellent service from friendly staff, recommended!

    Polyclinic Markov Dec 14 2022
  • Matej S

    Professional service, a very approachable team, I am very satisfied with the therapies and the way of working.

    Polyclinic Markov Jan 03 2023

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