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  • Patrick J M
    (5 out of 5) Deltona, United States, 3rd December,2021

    I have a tendency to conduct endless research before I make a major purchase and this was no exception. I was considering making a major purchase to improve my smile. After several weeks reading reviews and researching the best dentists in Mexico I found Smile Makeover Playa Del Carmen. I couldn't be more pleased with my choice. Like most people I've lost that bright smile and have been concerned with how much my teeth had yellowed over the course of many years. Getting veneers was an option I wanted to explore but the cost in the US was prohibitive. That's when I found Smile Makeover Playa Del Carmen. I spoke with the clinic and they answered all my questions and provided an estimate for the work I wanted. It was probably 20-30% of what it would have cost here. Despite the excellent reviews I was of course concerned about flying two hours out of the country to visit a dentist across the border. I found the clinic to be state of the art and the staff young, friendly and professional. They all spoke English and patiently explained everything that would take place. After my consultation on Tuesday I returned Wednesday for a surgical extraction in preparation for a bridge. I have to say this was the one issue that concerned me. It turned out to be a non issue. When I say I felt no pain I mean I felt "No Pain!" Dr. Martha was incredible and I experienced no discomfort in the days that followed. It was suggested I allow 8-10 days for the work to be completed. It turns out that I was there for 8 days and had some additional work done. My dentist back home had quoted about $500 for a surgical extraction and another $5000 for a four unit bridge. Smile Makeover extracted the tooth and charged me $54.00 and provided a temporary bridge for $675. I go back in six months for the permanent bridge. On Thursday I was back for the prep work for 20 porcelain veneers. Dr. Kimberly reshaped my teeth, took molds and provided temporary veneers until the permanents could be made. I had the next 4 days to enjoy the beach and shops while the lab created the finished product. I returned the next Tuesday and in less than 2 hours I had the smile I'd always wanted. My family and friends were so impressed 2 of them are planning their own trips across the border. I know this is a rather lengthy review of my experience with Smile Makeover but I wanted to provide as much personal information as possible to help someone else make this major decision. Don't be afraid to come to Mexico for your dental work and consider Smile Makeover Playa Del Carmen as the best choice, both professionally and financially.


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