Clinica Dr. Etbul Reviews in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Clinica Dr. Etbul Reviews in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Blanco Encalda 2534 2A Buenos Aires Buenos aires
Price range:: $150 to $1440
Focus Area: Clinica Dr. Etbul | Dental Treatments | Dental Implants | Teeth Whitening | Orthodontics | Veneers | Bone Grafting | Buenos Aires | Argentina

About Clinica Dr. Etbul

Clinica Dr. Etbul is a complete dental care provider in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They provide top-rated services such as dental implants, veneers, grafts, bone fillers, lip sculpture, teeth whitening, orthodontics and more.

Dentistry Reviews in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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    I had 2 veneers done 5 years ago that are still as spectacular as the first day and 1 month ago I went to get two more and the truth is that it never ceases to amaze me how natural they look... More than happy with the results!! I recommend with eyes closed! Thanks to the whole team for so much professionalism

    Google Jun 27 2022
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    The best clinic and care and warmth for patients are total geniuses!!

    Google Jul 15 2022
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    Good morning, I must say that in the clinic of dr. Andrés Etbul I was treated with great professionalism and cordiality. I definitely recommend it.

    Google Jul 11 2022
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    Excellent attention from the administration and Dr. Andres Etbul and his assistant, punctual, friendly, impeccable facilities, I loved it, I am very happy because I found answers and solutions to my problem, which has me very distressed, in fact I am waiting for a new one citation to arrange surgery, I thought it was an excellent place, I think it is a. Reliable place to do what I need to recover lost teeth, I feel sure to choose them, the doctor immediately without hesitation explained the steps to follow to find the solution, it is clear and very safe to explain, I feel I chose the right place ,thanks for the attention, I found them on social networks, with very good reviews, they do not charge for the first consultation, waiting for the treatment, I am happy..... Today, August 11, I performed surgery with Dr. Etbul, I do not have more than words of thanks for the doctor and his assistant, excellent professional, super safe, fast I am very happy to have found him I would not change him for anyone, he is impeccable treatment, impeccable facilities, super clear in his instructions, he found a solution to my problem where others did not see it, eternally grateful to him, in the same surgery he performed two bone fillings with elevation of the paranasal sinuses, with the placement of 6 implants, in the upper and lower arches, it did not hurt anything, ot Once again super grateful, the best of all for me, 100% recommended, excellent professional .....dont hesitate for a second to consult, I found it on the web, total thanks.....I am happy

    Google Jul 21 2022
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    Excellent attention and professionalism. See a genie! Always very kind and dedicated.

    Google Mar 16 2020
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    We are waiting for you at Blanco de Encalada 2534, a dental implant specialist clinic!

    Google Apr 16 2015
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    Excellent, the best service and good vibes!

    Facebook May 04 2017
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    It is an excellent professional Fast and efficient I have absolute trust Also all the staff is very friendly and solve any inconvenience

    Facebook Oct 04 2018
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    I had an aesthetic problem for years, and in just two sessions, the doctor solved it.
    I am happy with the results and with the attention received.
    I absolutely recommend.

    Google Feb 07 2022