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Dr Feminath Ananthapuri Super Speciality Dental Clinic in Trivandrum, India Reviews from Real Patients

Dr Feminath's Ananthapuri Super Speciality Dental Clinic, Manjadimoodu, Vattiyoorkavu, Trivandrum, Kerala, India
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About Dr Feminath Ananthapuri Super Speciality Dental Clinic

Dr Feminath's Ananthapuri Super Speciality Dental Clinic in Trivandrum, India is one of the best dental hospitals in the country offering pain-free treatments. Dr Feminath is a reputed Endodontist famous for his signature 100% pain-free treatment. Key procedures offered here include orthodontics, pedodontics, prosthodontics, whitening, implants, and painless root canal among others.

Dentistry Reviews in Trivandrum, India at Dr Feminath Ananthapuri Super Speciality Dental Clinic

  • ALEX

    Hi, I had a very pleasant experience at your clinic. The customer service was great with a clean environment. Thanks for your service.

    Google Apr 29 2022
  • rihaans

    Today I visited the clinic. I got first root canal done without any pain. Earlier, I refused to get root canal treatments because of hearing the pain related to it. I am very happy with the treatment. Dr. Explained everything in detail. The staffs are also friendly....Thank u all..

    Google May 03 2022
  • Beema

    My mother Beena Salim had a really good service offered by Dr feminaths clinic, teeth implant was really perfect and all the procedures were done in a well organized manner. Especially appreciating the coordination and friendliness of all the staffs.Strongly recommend this hospital for dental procedures especially for parents…Especially to mention about the hardwork of Dr Jinu George who really spend his quality time to do my mothers work perfectly..thankyou so much..

    Google May 04 2022
  • Anjana

    I would highly recommend Dr Feminaths Ananthapuri Dental Clinic.Excellent Feel comfortable and confident in his care. Appreciating the hospitality too. Really caring staffs.

    Google May 06 2022
  • vineetha

    We would like to thank Dr Feminath, Dr Vivek and the staff of Ananthapuri Dental clinic for the wonderful service offered to us. We have approached Dr Feminath for implantation for our son who had an issue since his birth. Several doctors were approached earlier and most of them were not confident on attending this case due to the complexity involved. There was a lot of risk involved in the implantation and this was mentioned to us a challenge. This is when we approached Dr Feminath. who did a very detailed examination, discussed with his colleagues and other expert doctors and gave us the assurance that he will take care of this implant in his clinic. He explained the complexities and risks associated and the processes that will be done during the implantation in detail. The implant was done within a few hours without any major issues and my son was very comfortable after the process. Needless to say, it was a pain less procedure and there was no pain afterwards as well. Adding to the complexity, there was a root canal done for 4 of his teeth’s in a single sitting as well. The experience was so smooth and we were very relieved at the end. Happy to see the smiling face of our son. The experience of Dr Feminath and his staff has made this process very smooth and we are indebted to Dr Feminath for the same. The care and expertise we received is commendable and the facilities at the clinic is excellent.

    Google May 20 2022
  • Priya

    My endodontic treatment was really 100% pain free.. A great relief to me after weeks of pain after failed filling and unable to attend duties
    .Being a homoeopathic doctor myself i appreciate the empathy and compassion shown by Dr. Feminath towards his patients to think of innovative ways to make dental procedures pain-free . He takes time to explain all the procedures and methods he uses to his patients. I hope he can train more dentists in this method using the gate pathway of pain.. It works...

    It will cut down fear of going to a dentist, postponing dental checkups and unwanted complications..

    Google Dec 16 2021
  • Sarannya

    Considering how I used to be so afraid of dental treatments, I was bit sceptical even though the clinic claimed pain free dentistry. Today, after months of worrying, I finally I got my root canal treatment done by Dr.Feminath.
    The doctor did a fantastic job and absolutely adhered to his promise of pain free treatment. Not even once did I feel any kind of pain throughout the process! This was the best dental treatment experience I have had till date. Thank you so much to Dr.Feminath and to the staffs at Ananthapuri clinic.

    Google Dec 19 2021
  • Suja

    Dr Feminath is unbelievably knowledgeable and talented.. Having had many dental treatment in past, I can compare him with many others who has treated me.. In fact I never even felt his injection not to say about the rest of the procedure.. Truely impeccable. Never think about any one else other than him as your dentist

    Google Dec 27 2021
  • Reshma

    Today I visited the clinic. I was a bit scary about dental treatments due to the pain associated with it. Earlier, I refused to get root canal treatments because of hearing the pain related to it. But today I got first root canal done without any pain. Even the pain of injection was not there. The procedure was done smoothly...I am satisfied with the treatment. Saying about Dr. Feminath and his team, their caring was superb. Dr. Explained everything in detail. The staff are also friendly....Thank u all..

    Google Dec 28 2021
  • Akshaya

    This is for the first time,I have gone through root canal treatment and I came to know from others that root canal treatment is painful. Moreover I was really tensed about the injection, but frankly speaking,even the initial injection was painless.
    100% painless injection and 100% painless root canal treatment

    For those who are afraid of pain regarding root canal, then Ananthapuri dental clinic is the best, here you can experience 100% painfree treatment.

    Dr Feminath is a very friendly, soft spoken and caring doctor.He explained each and every procedure in detail.I was so relaxed at the time of treatment, and the way he interacts with the patients is admirable.

    At last but not the least, I should mention about the staff, they are really caring.

    The best dental care l have ever experienced!
    Thankyou Dr. Feminath

    Google Jan 11 2022

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