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Dr. Eduardo de la Garza Santos in Monterrey, Mexico Reviews from Real Patients

Calzada Del Valle 125-7 Monterrey
Focus Area: Dr. Eduardo de la Garza Santos | Plastic Surgery | Facial Aesthetic Surgery | Body Contour | Abdominoplasty | Brachioplasty | Liposuction | Breast augmentation | Breast Reconstruction | Blepharoplasty | Bichatectomia | Otoplasty | Rhinoplasty | Monterrey | Mexico

About Dr. Eduardo de la Garza Santos

Dr. Eduardo de la Garza Santos is certified by the Mexican Council of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Member of the Mexican Association of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery and of the college of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeons of Nuevo Leon. Key procedures provided at the clinic are body contour, bust surgery, and facial aesthetic surgery along with comprehensive varied plastic surgery procedures.

Anti Aging,Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Reviews in Monterrey, Mexico at Dr. Eduardo de la Garza Santos

  • Talia

    Excellent doctor and person!

    Facebook Oct 26 2017
  • Rosa

    Professional, a lot of knowledge and also a very nice and fun Dr!!!! I highly recommend it

    Facebook Oct 26 2017
  • Brenda

    The best medical care, professionalism and quality.. super recommended!

    Facebook Oct 28 2017
  • Paola

    Excellent doctor and human being. Highly recommended.

    Facebook Oct 27 2017
  • Mauricio

    Excellent service and very reliable! I highly recommend it!

    Facebook Oct 27 2017
  • L

    Excellent surgeon, very humane and responsible.

    Facebook Feb 25 2018
  • Pily

    super cute and super attentive 100% recommended

    Facebook Apr 21 2019
  • Lucia

    My case was hard to enter I have been dragging for almost 20 years two previous plastic surgeons who did not do the right procedures. Upon arriving at One Point Six on a recommendation from a friend from the first appointment with Dr. de la Heron the treatment was totally different than what I was used to the way he explained and gave me that peace of mind and security in the process made qu and do not hesitate in accept the surgery; although there were several options and it was a difficult case the result was the best for me and especially taking care of my health which in the two previous cases seemed to be the least important. I am absolutely convinced it was the best decision with the best Dr. I have ever seen, the youth in this case and the freshness in the data and medical advances made my surgery a success.
    I will be forever grateful for changing my life from this moment on to the rest of it.

    Facebook Feb 12 2019
  • Luis

    Amazing Dr care, recommending what is best for the patient, very professional.

    Facebook Jan 25 2019
  • Ercilia

    I came with him for recommendation from other doctors, excellent care and professionalism, always looks out for the patient, super recommend.

    Facebook Jul 20 2021

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